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Rihanna & Vanessa Hudgens these celebrities who adopt white nail polish

Jennifer Lopez to Blake Lively and other celebrity use white nail polish and very fashionable look with hot attraction matches and combined with the dress. While we no longer saw her for very long, white manicure made a big comeback. Parades Chloe, Givenchy, Stella McCartney and Roberto Cavalli still have adopted this immaculate color.

Unable to resist the temptation, it is the stars that in turn chose the white nail polish (which between us makes us think of Tipp-Ex!) Kim Kardashian adopted the upper hand with a short manicure. Vanessa Hudgens, we had seen in look May 1, 2013, in Los Angeles opts for trend ultra long nails and white. A manicure that suits him rather well, do not you think? However, we remain on our guard in the total white look of Jennifer Lopez. Would the singer she not commit a fashion faux by dressing all in white with her nail polish of the same color? For Lea Michele, everything is in the contrast. During a photo shoot on the red carpet, the beautiful brunette wearing a yellow dress and a white tank top. Nothing better to highlight her manicure white!

Bella Thorne white Nail polish

To be like the stars and white manicure, you can opt for the Models Own nail Monoprix. But be careful! Not to make fashion faux pas with white nail polish, the key to a good installation is to take your time. The white paint is applied evenly over the nails short and filed down to preference. The claws are more cheap than chic! Do not hesitate to rely on a liquid nail polish and good quality. Come on girls are dark at Sephora?

Kim Kardashian and Fluorescent Paint Where The Same Shopper?

The beautiful Kim Kardashian posted a photo of her neon pink manicure on Instagram. If there’s one thing Kim Kardashian neglect for the world is her nails. Indeed, when we revealed her beauty secrets, Kim Kardashian told us she always took care of her nails and they were an obsession for her. Evidence yesterday Kim Kardashian posted a manicure photo of her freshly applied her Instagram account. Nails filed down to perfection square ends and fluorescent pink nail polish beautiful brunette gave us the cravings summer manicure but as we do not all have the means to pay us a manicure living every day as does Kim Kardashian, we have prepared a small shopping neon pink nail polish on top!

Kim Kardashian her neon pink manicure

After the white nail polish, a big trend among the stars at the moment up to neon nail polish rose 100% girly. Dior offers a neon pink nail polish comes with a turquoise nail € 27.50. An ideal pack for the Nail Art & A little less expensive but equally beautiful, Yves Saint Laurent and neon pink nail polish € 22.50 will be the perfect companion for those seeking a nail intense pigments. For 14 €, we love pink polish Nails Inc. a brand that Kim Kardashian loves! Models own, OPI and Sally Hansen offer neon pink nail polish such as Kim Kardashian on Instagram between € 7 and € 13.90. What could be better? And you girls who of this fluorescent pink varnish as Kim Kardashian would you choose?

Katy Perry, Rihanna or Beyonce the top 15 Coolest Nail Art

Nail Art and Nail designs are the top trends at the moment. Top 15 best manicures view on the coolest stars. What’s advice to inspire … nails for some time?

The art of decorating nails rage? Seen in the streets on television and even on the red carpet & Nail Art is in some time come to compete with the simple installation of nail polish. More fun and artier, it allows us to be creative and reveal our sense of decoration. Rhinestones, stickers, glitter, metalized paper, pearl particles and drawings using brushes, there is a multitude of accessories and techniques to decorate nails.

Nail polish! Blake Lively Nail Art to dress her outfit red carpet

Moreover, the most popular stars are also set too! Kim Kardashian had been seen in Givenchy dress at the Met Ball 2013 became addicted to Nail Art. It was during the Paris Fashion Week as the star of reality TV has unveiled it is navy blue manicure. Nail polish matte black paint and after Kim Kardashian gave us some good ideas!

But Kim Kardashian is not the only advocate Nail Art. The always fun and cool singer Katy Perry is one of the stars that we see most often with original nails. For the Met Ball 2013, Katy Perry wore a dress by Dolce & Gabbana has left her nails to the very famous manicure Patricia Yankee. Result golden manicure with a red crystal on each nail. But the prize for Best Nail Art comes to Lady Gaga. The singer has always extravagant nails. And you guys, what do you think of Nail Art?

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