Top 9 Hair Selections On Her Head: The Strangest Celebrity Hairstyles

One of the easiest ways to attract attention – to make an unusual hairstyle and you shave little whiskey, braid colored dreadlocks or color head in all colors of the rainbow? For these celebrities such experiments with her hair – a usual thing!

In our selection of 9 famous women and 1 man, whose hairstyles make us delight, surprise, and bewilderment?

Lena Lenina Extravagant Hairstyles

Writer and businesswoman Lena Lenina know how to attract attention. Extravagant hairstyles celebrities become the subject of debate almost after each publication. Remember the “heart” of the hair?

A beam-torpedo?

But all this is childish pranks compared with a chandelier on the head. Yes, yes, Lena Lenina twined in her blond curls this chandelier, securing it with a complex interweaving strands of hair.


Early in her career, the singer Christmas tree loved to surprise fans of the original hairstyles: then shave off the crown, the blue paint, and then make a mad bouffant.

Recently, we used to see a Christmas tree with a massive beam at the top. Interestingly, this is your hair? Or singer uses a special hairpiece to create this volume?

Christina Aguilera

Among the Hollywood stars, the true champion of terrible hairstyles is Christina Aguilera. The dreadlocks, laid under the ” nest of snakes”, if not a crazy bouffant style ” explosion at the Pasta Factory.”

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne is famous for her love of unusual hairstyles. Bright colored dye, crazy haircuts, shaved temples, voluminous wigs… But all of this pales next to the hair, which is created for a girl her friend, part-time hairdresser Frankie Hernandez a couple of years ago she braided Kelly many small braids, which are cemented by common English pins.

Lady Gaga Difficult Hairstyles

Lady Gaga – real queen of shocking! Voluminous wigs, crazy masks, “meat suit” … this girl can expect anything! Select “most-most” of the hairstyles of Lady Gaga’s difficult. They are all equally beautiful!

Nicki Minaj Creative Hairstyles

The Same Hairstyle Everyday?

Yes, you’re crazy! Creative singer Niki Minaj nature requires constant change. It saves a huge collection of wigs but not simple, but very creative. How do your hair in the form of multi-colored balls of ice cream?

Our favorite white green building, reminiscent of a cotton candy, whether unripe broccoli.

Nastasya Sambursky

Actress Nastassja Sambursky does not spare her hair! Fans have long lost count, trying to figure out, how many times in the past six months, she changed her hair. But the last trip to the hairdresser Nastasia was unexpected even for the most loyal fans. The girl came out of the salon with a haircut “by zero”!

The reasons for such a decision actress said in her micro-blog: “A couple of years ago, when I got Instagram, I argued with a friend, that if you gather eight million subscribers, then shave also. A strange argument. And I shaved. Thanks to my subscribers! Now, wait, when there will be 9 million! I’ve got a new defeat is scheduled. “Nastasya, we hid in anticipation.

Nastasya Sambursky Haircut

Nargiz Zakirov

Once upon a time star of the show “The Voice”, singer Nargiz Zakirov wore long hair. But, according to the girl herself, then her image was not enough “flavor”. In pursuit of individuality singer she decided to take drastic measures: shaved her head, took dreadlocks and tattoos and was gone. Today shaved skull and a bundle of braids – the card Nargiz Zakirova.

Nargiz Zakirov Tattoos With Shaved Skull And A Bundle Of Braids

Valentina Petrenko

Hairstyle Senator Valentina Petrenko has long been one of the most popular searches in the Russian search engines. While she did not disclose the secret Valentine: hairstyle, she makes herself with the help of pins and combs, no wigs, hairpieces and hair stylists. The secret is too thick and curly hair.

Valentina Petrenko Help Of Pins And Combs Hairpieces And Hair Stylists

Bill Kaulitz

I wonder, how much time is spent lead singer of Tokio Hotel Bill Kaulitts on her trademark styling?

Musician drew inspiration from Japanese cartoons – hence the long, straight bangs, laying in the style of manga comics and bizarrely shaved temples. Today, Bill succeeded gothic black to platinum blonde, richly decorated their bodies with tattoos and grew a thick beard.

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