11 Fitness Exercises That Can Be Done On A Treadmill


We agree, there is nothing more boring than running on a treadmill.

NOTHING! But this is not a reason to put the machine in the closet (or to go to the gym). On the contrary, we found tips for twisting the treadmill session in fitness mode. Muscle her arms and legs and make abs on a carpet, not only it is possible, but in addition, it throws!

From this day, you can pamper your treadmill session with unconventional movements, certainly, but damn effective to build muscles arms, legs, and belt abdominal!

It’s Anna Kaiser, the famous celebrity coach – Shakira, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Sofia Vergara, among others – who leads the dance for this fitness session on the treadmill. Go!

Muscle Her Buttocks and Legs on a Treadmill

  • Slots on the side.

Set the speed of the carpet to 1km per hour and start walking. Place your left hand on the front handle and your right hand on the right handle.

Rotate your bust, hips, and feet so that you are facing to the right of the mat.

Stretch right leg, soft left leg, lower the buttocks and bend the left knee to make a lunge on the side.

In the movement of the carpet, bring your right foot in front of the left foot to return to the initial position and make a crack again. The fact that the treadmill moves force you to keep up the pace.

Repeat for 30 seconds before turning to work the other leg.


Squats revisited on a treadmill.

Set the speed to 1km per hour and start walking. Place your right hand and then your left on the right handle.

Rotate on your heels to fully turn to the right of the machine. Spread your feet slightly outward, bend your knees and lower your buttocks to make a squat.

Take a good rest on the heels and keep your back straight to go up. Once standing, return to the screen before repeating the left-hand operation.

Repeat right side and so on for 30 to 60 seconds.


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