Homemade Hair Remedies For Helps Against Dry Hair, Brittle Hair

Homemade Hair Remedies For Helps Against Dry Hair, Brittle Hair

Proven natural remedies for dry hair

No doubt, your hair is dry and damaged. Here’s how to find a glossy and smooth hair and thus get rid of your dry hair.

Lossless, brittle, and straw hair is often a problem especially for women with longer hair, which can be remedied well by home remedies. Burdens such as perming, dyeing, hot blow-drying, straightening, and excessive washing can lead to unmanageable, brittle hair.

Homemade Hair Remedies For Dry Hair

Various care products promise success. But here it is important to pay attention to the ingredients, as they can even increase the problem. On the other hand, home remedies for dry hair usually contain only natural components and help to restore beautiful, shiny hair over the long term.

Effective tips against dry hair

Instead, the rarer the better. When buying shampoo, make sure that it contains neither silicones nor aggressive surfactants. Silicones lay around the hair like a cloak. Although they feel supple and get a nice shine. But with time, more and more washing required to achieve the desired goal. The “coat” does not allow moisture and important oils to penetrate, making the hair drier. They weighted by the silicones.

With a so-called “clarifying shampoo“, the hair can be freed from the chemical residues. Switching to a silicone-free shampoo and using the home remedies presented below a step in the right direction.

Shampoos contain surfactants. These are substances that dissolve the dirt and act as foaming agents. Surfactants needed, but there are quite a few differences here. Not everyone reacts to these substances, but they can trigger allergies or lead to massive dehydration of the hair.

This also helps against dry, brittle hair.

Shampoo on a natural basis: hair washing soap

Hair washing soap is a good alternative to shampoo, as it usually contains only natural substances. For dry hair, a goat’s milk soap recommended. Frequently, various oils, such as coconut oil or sesame oil, added to aid effectiveness, which has a positive effect on the hair structure.

Oil Cures: High effectiveness without chemistry

Oil cures are a proven home remedy to moisturize dry, brittle hair. Important: In all applications, a mild shampoo first massaged into the hair after the contact time and then washed out with enough water. In this way, the oil dissolves better. The cures usually applied once a week.

Cure with pure olive oil

Oil cures conjure moisture into the hair in a simple way. A well-known ingredient for this is the olive oil.

Pack of essential oils

A fragrant and effective use on brittle hair is a pack that uses essential oils.

Instructions for a sesame-lavender pack:

  • Mix one teaspoon each of sesame, olive and para nut oil
  • In addition, half a teaspoon of honey and two drops of essential geranium oil and lavender oil
  • Before use, the mixture warmed slightly in a water bath
  • Now put the pack in wet hair from the base to the tips
  • Then immerse a towel in warm water and wring it out well
  • Wrap this as a turban around the head so that the cure can work properly
  • After about fifteen minutes, the whole thing washed out with shampoo
  • Argan oil for dry hair

Argan oil a very special oil extracted from the seeds of the argan tree and also known as “Gold of Morocco“. The oil has a circulation-promoting and moisturizing property, which why it often used for dry hair. It is also possible to add a few drops of it to the shampoo or to put it into dry hair after washing.

Mask with egg yolk

For this effective mask, one tablespoon each of olive, castor, and wheat germ oil needed, which stirred with egg yolks and then added to damp hair. The exposure time is about twenty minutes.

Quick help overnight: oil massage

An old proven procedure for unruly hair is a message of the scalp with precious oils. This works best when used in the form of a cure three days in a row, every two weeks.

Instructions for the oil massage:

  • Mix 50 g olive, almond and castor oil with 5 g rosemary oil
  • Carefully massage the mixture into the scalp in the evening
  • Wrap a towel over it so the bedding does not get dirty
  • Let the oil work overnight
  • The next morning, the hair thoroughly washed until all oil remains removed

Jojoba: Moisture for every day

A light oil that is suitable for every day is jojoba oil. Thereby, the danger is very low that this causes greasy hair. Rub a splash of it in your palms and spread it in your hair. The oil provides an extra dose of moisture and can, with regular use, quickly ensure that the hair is shiny and beautiful again.

Hair cure with Baby Klein ad

An application with Kleiebadpulver powder is a somewhat unusual, but very effective recipe. For this, a tablespoon of the powder mixed with a tablespoon of cream. Add to that a teaspoon of honey, some coconut oil, egg yolk and a splash of lemon juice. This treatment distributed in the hair, a hood put on, or a warmed towel bound. After about half an hour, the mixture can be rinsed out.

Hair washing with mayonnaise

A regular (once a week) applied mayonnaise shampoo repairs dry tips and hair and then wears a protective film over it.


  • To make the mayonnaise, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil dropwise into an egg yolk
  • Put the mass in the dry hair and massage it carefully
  • Then place a towel over it to warm it
  • After 20 to 30 minutes of exposure, the hair rinsed thoroughly

Dryness also comes from within

Often, the dryness comes from the inside, which means not only the hair is dry, but possibly also the skin and mucous membranes.

Homemade hair remedies For dry hair

Depending on age and physical exertion, these are at least 30 milliliters of still water per kilogram of body weight a day. It is equally important to pay attention to high-quality native oil (eg olive oil) and to use this regularly in the kitchen. Schuessler salts, which serve well in drought, are the salts number eight, potassium chlorate. (sw, nr, updated on 23.9.2016)

Homemade Hair Remedies For Dry Hair With Different Ideas

Practical Info

Your hair looks to be straw? Attention, this is a sign that they are damaged. When our hair is dry, it may be that we have used some outrageously styling our hair or aging prematurely. In fact, your scalp nourished enough your mop and it dries. This drought caused by the lack of production make our fine hair, dull, brittle, coarse and brittle.

Possible Causes

  • Overuse of styling products.
  • Overuse of heating appliances (flat iron, curling iron, hair dryer, etc.).
  • Too many manipulations such as hair coloring (or bleaching).
  • Lack of sebum
  • Excessive heating and air dry

Good Care

  • In shampoos, the scalp is massaged to reactivate blood circulation.
  • For some time, we try to limit the use of styling products or heaters that give our hair a break.
  • Dry hair needs to be hydrated. We choose products that contain ingredients and nourishing nutrients (such as ceramics, oils or essential fatty acids). We opted for care specifically designed to repair brittle hair or dry hair which are usually more nutritious and rich than others.
  • The hair moisturizing masks can do wonders for our hair damaged. Some can be used overnight for extreme hydration.
  • As a conditioner, we choose those smoothing – which can tame the scales on our hair – nourishing and silky.
  • To tame the look of our straw hair, apply a shine serum once our hair dry. Our mop will then look more silky and soft.
  • When you come out, you cover the hair. The abyss suns our hair, as well as the wind and cold, must be protected.
  • We prefer a hairbrush natural bristle. The plastic bristles create static electricity which weakens even more hair.

Home Tips

Soft and smooth mixing an egg yolk with 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil. This mixture is applied to our hair and allowed to act twenty minutes. Then rinsed and made our shampoo.

Mayo Rescue

To give luster to the hair, it is a mask with mayonnaise. We cover our head mayo and allowed to act for ten minutes. For deeper penetration, put a plastic shower cap on your head. Then rinsed!

Soft as Baby

You can use shampoos for babies or children who are usually much less drying that our produce. A small loan, maybe?

Lawyer to the Rescue

Crushes a ripe avocado with a teaspoon of oil and apply directly on our mashed scalp after shampooing. This preparation can “feed” the scalp. Is allowed to take twenty minutes and rinsed.

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