Trolley Bags And Vanity Cases Accessories For Travel In Style

Trolley bags and beauty cases are always a bit ‘boring and banal design … but who decided? Here are some beautiful and stylish trolley bags model that will be even more willing to travel.

There are those who spend most of their time traveling, perhaps to work, and would like to have trolleys and other travel accessories comfortable and refined taste … but who has decided that all trolley bags and suitcases must have a design trivial?

Trolley Bags

Some Beautiful And Stylish Trolley Bags Model For Travel In Style

For those of us who like to be trendy and fashionable while on the go, many fashion brands offer trolley bags and vanity cases and technology with stylish design and fashionable.

Trolley Bags

Trolley Bags And Toiletry Bag Accessories To Travel In Style

Let’s start finding out what the brands that offer the trip they built the image of their brand such as Louis Vuitton and Aliviero Martini. Among the trolley bags models of the French brand, there is one solid magenta visible in the gallery, elegance and sophistication unique. It ‘also available monogrammed patent leather, with the classic logo repeated in other versions or monochrome. Louis Vuitton also offers beauty case equally chic and quality. The Italian brand, however, offers more rigid or soft bags with the classic map of the ancient and used that increases the charm of the object of refined craftsmanship.

For those who love to have a highly functional, Samsonite Leather Factory and Milan offer ultra light trolley, equipped with durable materials, the result of the latest research, but still very nice design. Even the vanity cases are practical and technologically advanced, perfect to keep everything in order.

Among the most beautiful vanity case, there are also models of Roberta di Camerino, witty and ironic, models fantasy Emilio Pucci and the most sober of Dolce & Gabbana, fine leather and elegant.

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