The True Story Of Santa Claus: It All Starts With Saint Nicholas

We deliver today the origin of Santa Claus. Who is this pot-bellied and jovial man, wearing a red suit and a white beard that we all looked forward to the December 25? Ho Ho Ho, Santa is of course! However, have you ever wondered where he really had?

The origin of Santa Claus: it all starts with Saint Nicholas

First, you should know that Santa has not always existed. Indeed, his appearance has changed over the centuries depending on the evolution of beliefs to win in France in the 1950s.

In the beginning in the fourth century AD, there was Saint Nicholas, an apostle who performed miracles and who was taking care of children with gifts. It was through his good deeds he became the patron saint of schoolchildren.

On 6 December, the German Christians celebrate the day of his death and honour his memory by offering gifts to good children. Accompanied by his donkey, he slips into the chimneys to deliver presents.

We then celebrate in Northern Europe, Eastern and Central Europe. This is the nineteenth century that Saint Nicholas, ” Sinterklaas ” is exported overseas by Dutch immigrants. By deformation, “Sinterklaas” became Santa Claus, that is the current Father Christmas in the United States. The origin of Santa Claus, therefore, taking shape.

The origin of Santa Claus in the literature

Santa appears for the first time in 1821 in the books penned by American writer Clement Clark Moore. In a Christmas story called ” The night before Christmas, ” Santa Claus appears on a sleigh pulled by reindeer.

In 1823, the same author published a text ” A visit from St. Nicholas ” in which elves, a sleigh with reindeer, distribute gifts to the children through the chimney. The origin of Father Christmas comes to life in the imagination of a man and Saint Nicholas thus a new beginning.

In 1850, the illustrator Thomas Nast Santa Claus is as we know it today, namely an old Santa and plump wearing a jacket and red pants and a big leather belt.

In 1885, his residence is set in the North Pole. Gradually, the children’s festival is associated with the birth of Jesus. December 6 is replaced by 25 December. Therefore, Father Christmas becomes more important than Saint Nicholas.

The origin of Santa Claus and advertising

Various Santa Claus illustrations have shown in green, but red. Contrary to what some think, it is not the famous American brand of soda in 1931 finally conferred the colours it has today although it has largely contributed to the dissemination of his image.

Returning forces during the gift distribution thanks to this drink “refresh” the Santa’s magic only to operate with the greatest number. He moved even in Europe and in France at the end of the Second World War despite the resistance of many Catholics.

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