10+ Hairstyles + Unwashed Hair or Greasy Hair! That’s Not How It Is! In Last Moment


Unwashed hair and barely time in the morning? In the morning too little time, but unwashed or greasy hair? We give tips on which style you can use to transform your hair into a beautiful hairstyle anyway.

01. 15-Minute Hair Ring

This braiding hairstyle is something for advanced: The growth of individual strands to the wickerwork should be mastered. But then the head is soon wrapped in an elaborate, braided hairstyle. And the greasy hair is so well hidden.

We show three hairstyles for re-styling so that no one notices. Plus: the most beautiful hair inspirations for the second day without washing on Instagram

Braiding Hairstyle In 15-Minute Hair Ring And The Greasy Hair

Sometimes we oversleep, sometimes we have an early date and even a time to wash our hair. But do not panic! We show you in our gallery three hairstyles that cover up unwashed hair perfectly. Do you want more inspiration?

02. Updo Well-Hidden Unwashed Hair

This updo is not only among the stars of the Renner. No wonder: The look conjures a styling that looks glamorous and festive and at the same time well-hidden unwashed hair.

Updo Well-Hidden Unwashed Hair

03. Updo “Donut”  Well-Hidden Unwashed Hair For Short Or Long Hair

Whether elegant or casual. The updo “donut” is not just fast, it succeeds with a Duttkissen well right away and advertises itself both for short or long hair. We’ll tell you how it’s done.

Updo Donut Well-Hidden Unwashed Hair For Short Or Long Hair

04. Twisted Style Well-Hidden Unwashed Hair For Symmetrical Face And High Forehead

The twisted style is particularly well-suited to women with a symmetrical face and high forehead, such as actress and Emmy winner Julie Bowen (known from the series “Modern Family”).

The bun gives the hair an elegant look. This look can be worn with all hair colors and hair types and also covers up slightly greasy hair perfectly.

Twisted Style Well-Hidden Unwashed Hair For Symmetrical Face And High Forehead

05. Ponytail Well-Hidden Unwashed Hair

The ponytail is often considered the boring or bad-hair-day alternative. Those who give our horse tail gloss and smoothness with our tips make the hairstyle a star among the simple styling and conceal a greasy approach.

Ponytail Well-Hidden Unwashed Hair

06. Braided Hairstyles Well-Hidden Unwashed Hair

Celebrities have already discovered braided hairstyles for themselves and they are an indispensable part of the red carpet. Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba, and Co. are doing it. We’ll show you how to make the bun with a French plaited neck quite easy to decorate at home and still make some of the hair washed two days ago.

Braided Hairstyles Well-Hidden Unwashed Hair

07. Fischgrätenzopf Braided Hairstyles Well-Hidden Unwashed Hair

The Fischgrätenzopf, also called Fischgrahtzopf, is a true classic among the braided hairstyles. In contrast to a normal plaited braid with three strands, the herringbone braid is a much finer variant.

In our following step-by-step tutorial, we’ll show you how you can easily apply this hairstyle at home and make greasy strands so skillfully disappear.

Fischgrätenzopf Braided Hairstyles Well-Hidden Unwashed Hair

08. Real Retro Hairstyle Well-Hidden Unwashed Hair

The Pin-up Tolle is a real retro hairstyle from the 50s, but still looks really rocking today. A hair band serves as a beautiful accessory and hides a greasy approach.

Real Retro Hairstyle Well-Hidden Unwashed Hair

09. Katy Perry’s Très Chic With Glittering Hair Band Well-Hidden Unwashed Hair

Katy Perry’s hairstyle is très chic! Her bob missed a soft wave and her head a glittering hair band, the unwashed hair skillfully covered!

Katy Perry's Très Chic With Glittering Hair Band Well-Hidden Unwashed Hair

Here are our 5 most beautiful hairstyle looks for unwashed hair:


To give the hair a little freshness, spray the dry shampoo in and wrap it in a high bun. Fix flying baby hair with hairspray.


From the side loosely braid down to a braid. To make it look more casual, pluck the hair on the right and left. You can watch a similar hairstyle in the gallery step by step.

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Pull a side parting vertex and whirl the front strands right and left in each case and twist together at the neck to a deep bun. Fix naturally with hairspray.


If the approach greasy: The hair on the top of the head loosely take back and hit a small bun. Join with an Invisible.


The hair is not really haunting, but you still have to go to an appointment very quickly. Grab a cap – or like a beret – hide the hair underneath and you’re done. The oldest trick in the world!

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Unwashed hair rare are the lucky ones whose hair and two days after washing looks fresh because most of the ladies are due to hair that is oily and dirty forced to maintain a frequent hair blow drying and washing.

But there are tricks with which you have an interesting hairdo and not to bother about frequent treatments. Ponytail with a loose braid quick solution is to refresh the hair, which is easy to make in just a few steps

Last Moment Unwashed Hairstyles Idea -3

First Step

Comb your hair to the side and grab the strand one part of the hair let it fall freely across the forehead and the rest covered by hair divide into three equal parts to gum up the braid.

Last Moment Unwashed Hairstyles Idea -2

2nd Step

Tangle braid to the end and holding peaks stretch parts braids to look flat and relaxed, simple transparent rubber tie the ends of the hair trendy braids that you can make yourself

Last Moment Unwashed Hairstyles Idea
Last Moment Unwashed Hairstyles Idea

3rd Step

Extract the lock of hair on the opposite side of the head and let it hang and lift the rest of the hair with braids and tie a rubber band in a low ponytail.

Last Moment Unwashed Hairstyles Idea

4th Step

A strand that you are taking now wraps around the tail to him covered with a rubber band and your hairstyle is ready for the show.


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