How To Use Grapeseed Oil On My Body?


Grapeseed oil is extracted from cold pressing grape seeds. It is particularly rich in omega 6 and 9, essential fatty acids for the health of the body. It also has many benefits for the beauty of the skin.

How To Use Grapeseed Oil On My Body

Grapeseed oil for wellness massages

Grape seed oil is ideal for performing wellness messages of the entire body. It is dry oil, which penetrates easily into the skin, and that leaves no greasy film on the body. In addition, it nourishes the skin deep.

To make a massage oil, simply mix 50 ml of grapeseed oil with 10 drops of fine lavender essential oil. This relaxing and fragrance oil will help your skin regenerate smoothly.

It is also possible to perform a facial massage with grapeseed oil. This oil is particularly suitable for mature or damaged skin because it would have antioxidant power and would fight against aging skin.

The message can be done by yourself or by another person. To apply this oil to face massage, just gently draw small circles with the fingertips on the whole face.

Grapeseed oil, an ideal oil for mixed or oily skin

For mixed or oily skin, grape seed oil is particularly suitable. This non-greasy oil nourishes the skin of the face without shining the area of the nose and forehead.

In addition, it helps to regulate the production of sebum and to tighten the dilated pores. It is, therefore, ideal to avoid blackheads and to contribute to the regulation of acne-prone skin.

Similarly, grape seed oil can be useful for nourishing oily hair. To do this, it is possible to prepare capillary oil composed of 50 ml of grapeseed oil and 10 drops of rosemary essential oil.

This oil bath can be applied to the entire hair overnight. It will nourish the fatty hair while helping to regulate the production of sebum from the scalp.

A regulating mask based on 2 tablespoons of grapeseed oil, mixed with 5 tablespoons of clay and 2 drops of essential oil of thyme, can also be an effective recipe to make your hair less fat.

How To Use Grapeseed Oil Hair Mask

Grapeseed oil, and oil in the power of scrubbing

Grapeseed oil has a de-incrusting power. It is, therefore, perfect for preparing homemade body scrubs. You can make a scrub for the body very simply, from 50 ml of grapeseed oil to which you can add a tablespoon of brown sugar or salt of the Dead Sea.

This scrub can be applied all over the body using a glove, after having wetted the skin beforehand. Simply gently rub the entire body, insisting on the roughest areas such as knees, elbows or the soles of the feet. Rinse thoroughly.

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