4 Valentine Day Tips To Avoid Suffering In Her Heels

Valentine Day 2019

Valentine Day in 4 tips for high heels…

How to avoid blisters and other pain associated with high heels?

Here are 4 tips found by shelookbook.com to say goodbye to sore feet at the end of the evening.

Ideas for Valentine Day …

On the evening of Valentine Day is fast approaching. Elegant dress sophisticated hairstyle and makeup fine you’re all ready. Only downside your shoes Your beautiful pair of high heeled shoes attracts your attention. But your feet already tremble at the thought of any pain associated with wearing these beautiful shoes.


How do?

Should resolve to say goodbye and highlight your small pair of ballerinas certainly comfortable but still less hot?

1. Miracle Cream

Miracle cream will change your life. Used by athletes as anti-chafing skin protection it allows you to withstand the friction shoes and irritation due to sweat. Enriched with shea butter, this miracle cream increases the skin suppleness and increases resilience. To apply before putting on your shoes, Other product magic cream deodorant 12 Yves Rocher. The essential oil of organic lavender and peppermint in this cream ensures comfort well-being and freshness to your feet.

2. Magic Pads

Magic pads, made of a silicone gel soft and fluffy will quickly become indispensable for your eyes. They adhere easily to the shoe massaging the foot and prevent pain. Just like the soles Lady’s Secret. Damping, shock slip or painkillers they promise you a night smoothly and most importantly without pain.

3. Dressings Forecast

You are prone to blisters. And high heels do not help. To avoid this nightmare put some bandages bulbs at various strategic locations such as the heel and the toes early in anticipation. Thus you avoid nasty blisters. And you will not be afraid to take off your shoes once in your dear and tender for a more intimate moment…

4. Last Resort

If the pain becomes unbearable and you start to limp do not hesitate to change shoes. It is better to put aside your heels and walk elegantly in small ballerinas rather than keeping your shoes and crawling on the sidewalk. To make your life easier there are even foldable ballerinas to hide in your handbag.

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