Valentine’s Day 2019: Our Ideas To Celebrate Love …

As there are a thousand ways to say “I love you“, there are a thousand ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether you want a romantic Valentine’s Day or a naughty Valentine’s Day, you find all the ideas for a successful Valentine’s Day. Tips rekindle gift ideas for your man, sexy lingerie selection: here is our menu for Valentine’s Day 2019.

The Valentine’s Day, it was nice that it is a “commercial holiday“, we love to celebrate it. What is true, when you think: a nice bouquet of flowers and a dinner with onions … it has never hurt anyone, right?

So this year, we do it well and in advance.

Valentine's Day 2019, Our Ideas To Celebrate Love

Valentine’s Day 2019: yes we told the sexy lingerie

Lingerie is our little guilty pleasure. With it, you feel a sexy woman. Ideal before an important meeting or a business lunch: our way to feel safe and conquering us. Our little secret weapon that only knows darling…

To celebrate the feast of love, it was decided to put the package. And true, it gives us one more opportunity especially to buy beautiful lingerie. Lingerie Passionate, Adam and Eve, Undiz or Sun Sweet, cheap underwear or brand: who cares! As long as it is thin and a bit naughty.

Valentine’s Day 2019: readers beauty tips

No possible alternative: January 14, it will be the prettiest of love, full stop. And to put the package, it should build on a festive makeup. We, better, and why not with glitter. At this little game, each has their own council beauty clever:

Maia for example, “Before slipping under the sheets, brush my hair upside down in every sense. When I get up, my hair airy, bright, feature a super sexy volume and my cheeks are rosy. ”

Or Maud ” For a dancer gambet the effect, I always back up panties and thongs on hips. It extends and refines it! ”

Valentine’s Day 2019: an original gift for the man

Party outfit, makeup star, muse Lingerie: check, check and re-check. Gift for Jules? Ouch, no idea. Last year, he was offered a fragrance for men, the year before, a tie and there … It really has the feeling of having done the trick. So to give ideas and courage (Galeries Lafayette, a festive day before: it is not a panacea), it draws full of ideas on this selection of Valentine’s Day gifts for men.

Cheers for Valentine’s Day 2019!

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