Valentine’s Poem for Valentine’s Day For Love By Alexander Pushkin


Valentine’s Poem for Valentine’s Day, written by famous poet Alexander Pushkin, February 14, you can give your loved one.

Valentine's Poem for Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Poem for Valentine’s Day By Alexander Pushkin’s On love

I remember a wonderful moment …

I remember a wonderful moment
in front of me was you,
Like a fleeting vision,
As pure beauty. In the torture of hopeless melancholy anxiously noisy bustle, voice rang out so tenderly and dreamed of nice features.

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As the years passed. Storms blast
Scattered old dreams,
And I forgot your tender voice,
Your heavenly features. In the wilderness, in gloomy days dragged quietly without my God, of inspiration, No tears, no life without love. Soul awakening came: Here we go again appeared, Like a fleeting vision, As pure beauty. And my heart beats in ecstasy, And for him resurrected again And a deity, and inspiration, And life, and tears, and love.

I loved you love also, perhaps

I loved you: love is still, perhaps,
in my soul is not extinguished;
But let it cause you more distress,
I do not want to sadden you.
I loved you silently, hopelessly,
shyness and jealousy was stressed;
I loved you so sincerely, so tenderly,
pray God grants you to be loved.


My vote is for you, so tender and languid
alarming silence of the night after dark.
Near my bed sad
candle burns; my poems, merging and murmuring,
flow, streams of love, flowing, full of thee.
In the darkness your eyes shine before me,
smiling at me, and I hear sounds:
My friend, my sweet friend … love … your … yours! ..


I love you – though I rage,
even though it labor in vain, and shame,
and in this nonsense unhappy
at your feet I confess!
I have not been to the face and beyond her years …
It’s time to be smarter than me!
But know all the signs
The disease of love in my soul
Without you, I’m bored – I yawn;
When you makes me sad – I suffer;
And there is no urine, say wish

My angel, I love you!
When I hear of
your living easy step, il dresses noise
Ile voice virginal, innocent,
I suddenly lose all your mind.
You smile – I delight;
you turn away, – I longing,
For the day torment –
I reward your pale hand.
When the embroidery frame for diligently
you sit, leaning casually
dropped her eyes and curls –
I emotion, silently, gently
admire you as a child! ..

I tell you my misery,
my jealous sorrow,
when I walk, sometimes in bad weather.
You are going into the distance?
And your tears alone,
and speech in a corner together,
and travel in Opochka,
and the piano in the evening? ..
Alina! have pity on me.
I do not dare to demand love.
Perhaps, for my sins,
my angel, I am not worthy of love!
But pretend! This view
can be expressed as Vst wonderful!
Oh, do not deceive me hard! ..
I delude myself happy!

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