Vegetarian Christmas? How To Organize Your Home Table


This year you want to organize vegetarian Christmas dinner at home all well and good … until you realize that they have to cook and for your friend’s vegetarians. You do not know what Christmas involves a vegetarian Do not panic! You can do a lot of simple and delicious dishes, without meat, which they love to everyone!

When you have vegetarians friend’s and want to invite to the table, it’s very important to ask them before eating and not eating. Some vegetarians are lacto-ie eating and milk, Lacto-Ovo others are vegetarians eat eggs and dairy products. And there are those who do not eat any animal products at all. The discussion is important to know what you can cook to please everyone. To simplify your work, it is easiest to cook more dishes based only on vegetables – even if some of the guests eat eggs and cheese, will not mind that they’ve served a cream of mushroom soup … without cream mascarpone!

Vegetarian Christmas

We give you some ideas of what you put on the table to be and easy to do, but delicious. And why not, to eat even non-vegetarians your friends!

The best tricks for a vegetarian Christmas!

Focus on appetizers. Everyone loves appetizers! Some of us just eat appetizer at parties and so! You can do through other appetizers with meat and vegetables only two or three. Make one or two salads. Salads are the perfect winter warmer, are nourishing and give a good feeling. A few ideas for Christmas vegetarian salad with chickpeas, avocado, and spinach, salad vegetables and quinoa, lentils and tofu salad etc…

What can you do as an appetizer: stuffed zucchini rolls with hummus or cheese, meatballs, fruit tarts vegetable platters of vegetables and two to three different dressings: salsa, guacamole?

Make a cream soup! Maybe we do not eat cream soups at the Christmas table, but it’s a good idea if you have vegetarian guests. You can choose from a lot of cream soups, and absolutely delicious and festive: cream of mushroom soup Jamie Oliver’s is fantastic, cream of pumpkin soup is unique, pea cream soup and a good idea. Make a soup with more special to impress your friends.

The main course has to be something simple, but delicious! The most delicious vegetarian dishes are pies, tarts, quiches, lasagna that even if they are made with vegetable sauces and dough, which makes them special. Here are some ideas: vegetarian lasagna, spinach tart, quiche with tofu.

Order one dessert? Chapter desert, things are easier if you have friends who eat eggs and milk! But if not, there are solutions: ice cream with coconut milk, what if it’s winter chocolate cake! and even raw cake! Do not forget to put on the table and fresh fruit for those who want to eat sweets!

Invite your friends and they come with a prepared! No one will feel offended by this proposal if that’s what you think! On the contrary! Many of your friends even will find it a good idea to also come packed with one prepared, especially if you are vegetarian because they will “ensure” that have nothing to eat! Optionally, you can “share” preparations if someone brings an appetizer, someone should come with a dessert! It’s a good idea for a vegetarian Christmas and more!

Separate the meat vegetarian dishes. Vegetarians should not be isolated in a corner, nor will enjoy if you have to sit next to a large platter with pork! Try to somehow separate vegetarian meat preparations for everybody to be happy.

An early start doing – because Christmas table does not stress you more than necessary, it is better to organize food gradually. Start to cook two or three days before to make sure you have time to do all the food that you intend it. Eventually, you can call a friend to help you! And it’s fun!

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