Vera Wang for Fitting Fee ‘Flexing’ Chinese Counterfeiters


Nearly one month after Lose fitting fee “exorbitant” in Shanghai, the main reason you come to know that Vera Wang wanted to stop the “fried” design which prevailed in China, and exclude those customers every bit of money.

Ask the “god” to give some money to this old story fitting is rare, even in the high fashion world, the product of which is for a rich client object specified. For developed countries, the figure is 500 USD was not small. But in China, which just opened to the world of high fashion, 500 USD (i.e. 3000 currency) is a major account.

Vera Wang shop located in Shanghai

Customers come with Vera Wang salon located in Shanghai intends to pay an amount of currency to be able to test 3000 map within 90 minutes. Customers who bought the product will be deducted from the total bill. If not, this would amount to a “do not go back.”

Whence Fitting Charges?

Vera Wang wedding dress brand's desire of every bride in the world.
Vera Wang wedding dress brand’s desire of every bride in the world.

Why Vera Wang, wedding dress company notorious enchant customers to make such strict policies in the Chinese market? Not only is a designer, Vera is also smart business acumen, given this move, probably a woman’s power to fashion their own reasons.

Vera Wang offer free fitting of up to 3,000 yuan.
Vera Wang offer free fitting of up to 3,000 yuan.

First, a spokesman for the company said the charge is 3.000 worse ways to prevent Vera Wang seamstress with retail stores and apparel enterprises with large factories, and shops her to “learn” how to design. China is counterfeit paradise, and just one look at the real thing, the businesses of this country can quickly “copy and paste” to produce the same product. Vera Wang’s spokesman said this was simple measures to prevent imitation goods, which had become lawful activities in China.

“Pre-emptive” Customers Less Money

We can say, quite carefully analyzed Vera Chinese market, choosing Shanghai – a crowded city and the development and settlement of the wealthy in this country. Shanghai is no shortage of people who can spend money aggressively wedding dresses Vera Wang brand at prices ranging from about $ 10,000 or more, the amount equivalent to the monthly income of the majority of the Chinese people. Shop the Vera Wang wedding dresses are located in Huangpu District, East neighborhood – where busiest prosperous Shanghai, display and sell wedding gown cost 30 thousand to 300 thousand foreign currency.

wedding dresses Vera Wang brand at prices ranging from about $ 10,000

However, Shanghai is a city of immigrants in populations with mostly working people and the middle class – those who embrace dreams enrichment. In particular, there are many brides and girls who do not intend to get married, willing to take the time to shop for Vera Wang fitting that absolutely no intention of buying. Simply because with them, be put on the Vera Wang gown, though only once, though only fitting well enough to satisfy the desire for so long.

The cost in time money and depreciation for dressing like this once extremely expensive. It is estimated that, Vera Wang put the figure at 3,000 currencies as a way to classify customers, define clear boundaries for those who are not qualified enough and economical to purchase.

Fitting Fee – And Cons

However, after more than half a year, said Vera Wang removal policy free fitting this in store in Shanghai. Obviously, the cost of fitting Vera Wang did not promote the desired effect, but little damage to the reputation of this brand.

Fitting fee sparked protests in China Vera Wang.

3,000 fee to prevent the currency to view products and parody seemingly absolutely no sense to counterfeit this paradise. For those who have been accustomed to the branded product, do not need to see and touch the products in person, they can do exactly the models.

Li, a shop owner named “Vera Wang style” on the site Taobao – online sales website of China’s largest, said he could do the same 90% sample of Vera Wang designs that only need reference through the pictures on the net, and his products are priced at $ 100 (more than 1000 currency). Li’s factory located in Suzhou and can produce all kinds of lace, silk, lace … looks like the Vera Wang. Depending on customer requirements, the products will be subtly different for different prices. “Of course, the texture is too small handmade difficult to imitate. However, the bride was very pleased with the fake skirt. But if you want 100% same brand, look to it, and then you have to accept a much higher price. ”

In China, there are hundreds of thousands at the Vera Wang shop like clones. They also do not need to spend until 3000 Shanghai currency to view samples. Above all, prevent one side is not enough. There is demand, there surely supply and in China, more willing bride wore a Vera Wang fake.

Useless in combating counterfeit goods, free fitting Vera Wang seems to help classify the customers, save costs for customers who only see, try and do not intend to buy. In contrast, this has “cons of”. According to Chinese media, cost of fitting Vera Wang struck a chord pride of the people here. Many said bluntly: “Is Vera Wang said that we could not buy her products? If so, should not be placed Vera Wang store in this place. “Many interviewees answer, not because they can not pay that but do not want to step into the store where made clear discrimination.

With the prospect is ready to charge fitting nod, then rush to try many styles as possible in 90 minutes and not be photographed to consult your friends and relatives … seems to have the which reduces the excitement and joy in traveling dress selection is important in life. “All made haste and flurry. I and my boyfriend did not have enough time to see clearly that my dress had been tried. Want to capture a kind of family is not considered. Finally, I think, a Vera Wang gown deserves to be miserable so I do not? “- A shared on Sina customers.

“To refuse a customer enters your store is a big mistake on the market, whether it’s luxury market to some” – a fashion expert in China said. In the short term, policy fees fitting Vera Wang can help save an expense, but in the long run, it will block the path of its development potential in a country like China.

Perhaps aware of this, at the end of March, Vera Wang has officially lifted the policy. But the reaction of the Chinese brides is not too optimistic about this. Those who are able to put tens of thousands of dollars to buy, of course, do not be afraid to try a few hundred dollars map. And the other brides, they seem satisfied with imitation dresses with affordable, can be found anywhere in China. With them, fitting costs exists or not, does not affect the decision to choose her wedding dress.

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