Vera Wang Spring-Summer Dresses at New York Fashion Week


Vera Wang Spring-Summer dresses fashion week in New York and Vera Wang offers nearly two mini-fashion shows at Fashion Week in New York. Her spring-summer collection 2015 passes gently from one party to another without losing any of the DNA homes

True to its gothic and romantic universe, Vera Wang offers us a spring-summer collection 2015 two stages. Far rock’n’roll girls Tommy Hilfiger, the designer evolves crescendo rigidity to fluidity. She explains that “there are two distinct parts: one is structured, the other party is very clear.”

Vera Wang Spring-Summer Dresses

New York Fashion Week! Vera Wang Spring-Summer Dresses

She was also named “Boyish Boudoir” and “Bo Baby.” Against a background of black walls and fluffy, the first model made its debut on a white and fluffy podium. Like all those that will follow, her wavy hair hides a fishtail braid. Her eyes are ringed with purple, running over exaggerated, almost like a mask. She wears a mini-skirt and a black over-sized blazer, adorned with a strip of tulle and pleated ruffles at the bottom. Recurring items Vera Wang used wisely.

Vera Wang ready to wear mini-skirt & maxi dresses for New York Fashion Week

Although entitled “Boyish Boudoir”, the first part of the parade Vera Wang Spring-Summer Dresses has its share of femininity. The designer takes to tailor its strict side, keeping only its urban and sophisticated. As in Versus Versace, black dominates the podium, but he is not alone.

Vera Wang ready to wear mini-skirt & maxi dresses for New York Fashion Week-

Anthracite is also a place of choice. The silhouettes are perfectly structured or architectural. Pleated pants and shorts successive balls, along with sleeveless tops (again) combining strips of tulle and pleats. Small hot black dresses feature embossed patterns intricately detailed. A peplum jacket drapes, whereas a blazer is topped with a bustier top and belted. As a final of the first part, a succession of dazzling dresses is entering the podium.

Vera Wang ready to wear peplum jacket with Black pants for New York Fashion Week

Vera Wang gives them volume and brings a bit of a color with jacquard prints or sparkling ornaments. A nice transition to the following events.

After this interlude, the silhouettes are growing. Vera Wang takes us into a completely different than the one presented at the beginning of the show universe.

Vera Wang ready to wear peplum jacket with Black pants for New York Fashion Week-

The structure disappears gradually, giving a little more freedom of movement to the clothes. Long skirts superimposed layers of veils, as milfoil stopovers. As light maxi-dresses that airplay the card of transparency. Sometimes black, sometimes printed, they are sufficient unto themselves. What we want to be one of the “gypsies” of Vera Wang.

Photos Source By Imaxtree Valerio Mezzanotti

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