Vintage manicure tutorial in the year 2016 2017 sees the vintage manicure explode on the front of the beauty scene.

What does this type of manicure?

How to cut her nails so vintage and adopt what color?

SheLookbook you all the secrets of this manicure at the height of beauty trends 2015 2016!

Vintage Manicure
Classic Manicure Colors For Nail Colors Tutorial

To be pointed to the fingertips, we adopt this manicure that takes us back with delight in the series of our childhood. Let it be said, 2016 2017 will be the year of the vintage fingernail or will not!

Vintage Manicure, what is it?

The manicure is a vintage type of manicure modeled on the 60s: a manicure that is heavily loaded with nails almond-shaped and simple and elegant colors.

What Colors For a Vintage Manicure?

Peggy Sage, nail polish designer since 1925, shows us the way by launching a range of colors called “vintage”: mainly sober colors such as garnet, burgundy, old rose or brown.

What Kind Of Nails For a Vintage Manicure?

Cynthia, the expert in manicure Peggy Sage gives us a crash course manicure vintage. First, we must let it grow a little bit her nails late to have good head nails. – Once sufficiently long nails Take a smooth file for natural nails (a ceramic lime or cardboard lime Avoid metal files that damage the nails.) and give your nails that famous almond shape. Dust off the nail by applying a cotton remover, and then apply the color “vintage” of your choice (not to mention the indispensable duo base coat / top coat). To complete your look, you can dig a lipstick in a complementary hue to that of your nail. N Do ndoes not forgetto show us the results!

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