Warm Grilled Chicken Stuffed With Sticky Rice Dish With Five Spices Salt


Combining conventional oven and baking the traditional salt, salt baked chicken stuffed away five tastes of your special delicious!

Raw Materials:

  1. 1 chicken was about 1.3 kg
  2. 200g glutinous rice
  3. Five stuffed chicken include: vegetables (sweet corn, peas, carrots), mushrooms, chestnuts, sausage, apple ships a little of everything
  4. Spices: ginger, onion, soy sauce, wine, sugar, salt (a little), salt (s) and oil
  5. Foil (used for food), oven

Raw Materials

Step 1:

Clean the chicken, rubbing salt water rinse and then ngam ga old in boiling water for about 5 minutes then take out and drain

Step 1

Step 2:

Boil sauce with wine, sugar and salt to match then sprinkle evenly throughout the skin outside your chickens inside the chicken marinated ginger and crushed with a little salt. To ventilated place chicken skin.

Step 2

Step 3:

Glutinous rice soaked at 4 hours, due to the drain. Five will mix together rice: vegetables (sweet corn, peas, carrots or other vegetables that you like), mushrooms, chestnuts, sausage, and jujube. All are cut uniform cubes rather except jujube leave.

Step 3  Glutinous rice

Step 4:

Mix rice and chopped five spices together in a large bowl, mix the salt crystals or soup and a little water and place on the map areas of the autoclave and the nine items. Usually you map sticky rice is poured directly into the map away, but in a bowl with a little water and then map this will keep the water sweet of five spices soaked into the rice & When away nine then you north to cool.

Step 4 Mix rice

Step 5:

Wipe and ginger chicken and sticky rice stuffing has cooled in tightly until full, then you use a toothpick inserted secret chicken to chicken restricted areas and water flow.

Step 5 Wipe and ginger chicken

Step 6:

Spread oil over the surface skin chicken and sealed with aluminum paper or special paper used to wrap food when baked in the oven. Make sure you wrap it tight to avoid water leaking out of salt and chicken salt soaked brine back league at the steps.

Step 6 Spread oil over the surface skin chicken

Step 7:

Pour a thick layer of salt in the pot, the chicken was wrapped in paper and then covered with a layer of salt around. For the entire pot chicken and salt into the oven, bake 40 – 60 minutes at a temperature of 180 ° C when turned off oven for natural cooling chicken in the oven, if you quickly remove paper when hot chicken can make chicken pieces.

Step 7 Pour a thick layer of salt in the pot chicken

The holidays, the New Year is often indispensable sticky rice and chicken dishes. Let’s combine both contemporary and traditional barbecue grill, combination of roasted mixed sticky rice and chicken together, you will enjoy the great taste of delicious sticky five tastes sweet and aromatic chicken’s bold momentum!

Warm Grilled Chicken Stuffed With Sticky Rice Dish With Five Spices Salt

You should try this dish at this festival? Wish you success!

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