Waxing Facial Tip For Beautifull Face


All women dream of a smooth face and bright. All women love to get rid of hair on their faces “chin, cheeks, mustache …”. Down or black hair that is always annoying to many of us.

Waxing Facial Tip For Beautifull Face

There are several techniques for hair removal face. To make your choice you must know the nature of your skin “sensitive skin, skin color matte button problem …”. Choose a poor technique or a bad product can sometimes cause side effects.

Hair removal using tweezers: Clean your face before you start waxing. Pluck hairs precise movement dry hair by hair. Technical painful but éfficace. To alleviate the pain anesthetize the area to be treated with ice before starting. This technique is effective if you do not have too much hair to remove.

Waxing: Put wax on a face cleaned and disinfected. Spread it in the direction of hair growth. Then remove with a quick movement against the direction of hair growth.
You can use either the ready wax or wax your prepare yourself (see recipe). This technique is painful but you will be quiet for 4 weeks. Do not use this technique on a skin pimples, skin or overly sensitive.

Discoloration: For those who can not bear the pain, discoloration will be the ideal technique. Make a try on a small area before spreading all over the face.
Spread the cream on cleansed face. Leave on your face for ten minutes “see the manual of your cream.” Then rinse with warm water and especially do not use soap.

Laser Hair Removal: The advantage of this method is that it often permanent hair removal and therefore very convenient. This technique relies on the destruction of hair pigment (melanin). Only 15 to 20% of hairs are destroyed after a session of laser hair removal. Therefore realize several sessions (on average between 4 and 8 sessions) for depilatory hope the whole area and the sessions be spaced 2 to 4 weeks on average.

Pulsed Light Hair Removal: The pulsed light hair removal is performed using a flash lamp which dispenses with intense pulsed light. Pulsed light destroys the pigment of the hair. Hair removal with intense pulsed light lamp is especially effective on dark hairs. Do not use this technique on tanned skin.

Depilation with razor: Technical easy, quick, and painless. But with the use of a razor your hair grow back faster, thicker and darker than before.

Hair Removal Creams: Not too recommended for facial hair removal. May cause allergic reactions in the face.

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