How To Wear The Strapless Dress?


The strapless dress is the ultimate evening dress. It can also become the best option if you are invited to a wedding. To embody sensuality by avoiding vulgarity, here are some fashion tips to wear the strapless dresses.

The strapless dress is sexy. Without any artifice, it instantly gives a feminine look. Whether short, long, arched or voluminous, the strapless dress is, in recent years, part of dresses tends to have in her dressing room.

How To Wear The Strapless Dress

Good news: it is suitable for almost all morphologies. For whom and with what, focus on the strapless dress.

The bustier dress, for whom?

Short dress or long dress, arched or flared, if it is sleeveless, the dress is inevitably strapless dress. To know who she’s going to go to or which model to choose, just know her morphology.

Complex on the thighs?

Find a flared cut. In this case, it will be necessary to choose a strapless dress which arrives at the level of the knee. Problems to dress when you are tall? Opt instead for a long and fluid version.

Small breasts?

Choose a stretch model.

Only problem?

Strong breasts and athletic silhouettes should be extra vigilant with the strapless dress. Like the bandeau swimsuits, the sleeveless dress will tend to slip. So beware. And then, of course, the strapless dress highlights your bust: the shoulders and the cleavage.

To really find the model you need, no surprises. As with trendy shoes, nothing can replace a good fitting session.

The strapless dress, instructions for use

As with many dresses (and that’s also why we love them), the model is self-sufficient. With the strapless dress, it’s useless to make tons of them. Let’s not forget that it can quickly become a weapon of massive seduction.

Obviously, she is the evening dress or the guest outfit at an ideal wedding. In this case, you choose a nice pair of pumps and a clutch. If you are addicted to jewelry, you can wear necklaces and play with the accumulation of bracelets.

If you want to wear the strapless dress in everyday life, it’s possible. Yes Yes. In winter, you accumulate. The strapless dress, you wear it on a shirt or on a tee-shirt. In summer, you mix genres. As soon as the temperatures rise, just draw your strapless dress and wear it with a pair of trendy sneakers. Long and fluid version, try to play with fashion accessories: belt around the waist and basket on the arm.

Where to find a strapless dress?

We prefer to be honest: it depends on fashion trends and, as a result, its popularity rating. A priori, you find it in giants like H & M, Zara or Asos.

For an evening dress, you can find some very nice models at Naf Naf, Morgan or on the Missguided website.

Overall, the strapless dress is easy to find but sometimes shy. In any case, it is better to always have one in her dressing room, a black who will wear with everything.

Picture Source: H & M, Bershka, Laona on Zalando

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