The Wedding Dress Code: You Should Pay Attention To This


Today we discover the wedding dress code for wedding guests. Certain dress codes for wedding guests can be a good guide.

5 Tips To Follow The Wedding Dress Code

I’m going to a wedding this week for which I received the Save the Date card a year ago. Still, I still do not have a matching dress for the celebration on a grand scale – on the one hand, because the selection is just huge and, on the other, because I’m just not sure what to look for.

Alessandra Rinaudo Wedding DressesThe topmost rule should probably be clear: At a wedding, everything should revolve around the bridal couple. And, of course, if you want to show off your best side on this day as well, then you should let the bride by far be the first in terms of look and by no means steal the show with your outfit.

A little restraint is therefore required. Nevertheless, of course, you want to do everything right stylistically and fit harmoniously into the overall picture of the wedding with your outfit – a tightrope walk. But if you’re looking for a few tips, it’s not that hard.

# 1 The invitation gives important hints

If you have an invitation to the wedding, you should not just fly over it and watch the location and timing. Many couples in the text call the dress code for their big day, which you should accept, even if it does not match your own style. The following dress codes can be mentioned in the invitation:

  • White Tie (elegant evening wear): Women in floor-length evening dress or in a robe, men in a tailcoat
  • Black Tie (more upscale evening wear): women in the long evening or fine cocktail dress, men in tuxedo
  • Cocktail Semi-formal (casual evening wear): Women in elegant (also colorful) cocktail dress or costume, men in a suit
  • Casual (informal wardrobe): here is what is allowed, as long as it is at least something chic; Jeans, leggings or XXL-shirt should stay at home

If you do not find any of these terms in the invitation, you may mention the motto of the wedding. Again, you can orient yourself: is it about the style of a certain decade, is it a garden wedding in boho style or has the couple opted for a color motto?

# 2 Choose the right colors

Any white, including ivory, cream or similar, should only be found on the bridal gown. To appear as a wedding guest in a white dress is a real no-go. Even black clothes used to be a fool, as this color is traditionally associated with funerals and mourning.

Today, many bridal couples do not see it that close, but as a precaution, you should first ask again if Black is okay. The situation is completely different; of course, if in the invitation extra is asked that the guests come in black or white.

Do Not: black; Whites; vibrant colors

Do: pastel shades (mint green, light blue, lilac, rose, apricot, lemon yellow); muted tones; Red; Royal Blue

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# 3 Do not show too much skin

Also, if the dress code does not provide long evening wear, that does not mean that you can dress for the wedding in your favorite mini dress. Dress or skirt should end at least a handbreadth above the knee.

Nevertheless, a beautiful falling maxi dress is probably always the noblest variant. Because even with the amount of the substance applies: Too much skin in the wedding guests takes the attention of the bride. Therefore, your neckline should not be too deep. Even emerging nipples it is essential to work around if your dress does not allow a bra.

# 4 Note the location

The place where the wedding or celebration takes place can already specify a specific dress code. You should orientate yourself to this if in the invitation no specific clothing requirement is mentioned.

  • Registry Office: simple, but chic shift dress
  • Kirche: classic outfit with covered shoulders (for strapless outfits help stole, bolero or blazer)
  • Castle, Ballroom: noble and high-quality wardrobe, fabrics such as silk or chiffon
  • Vintage or Boho Wedding: light fabrics, lace, playful and romantic looks
  • Modern Location: modern look
  • Garden Party: summer dress, colorful colors
  • Beach: maxi dress, airy fabrics, bright colors

# 5 Which completes the look

Not only is the right outfit important at a wedding. So that the entire look is consistent and the dress code of the wedding appropriate, you should pay attention to these points.


Adventurous high heels with all kinds of embellishments are rather inappropriate for a wedding. The classic is still nude or black pumps, pretty sandals are great for the summer dress.

In general, you should include the ground in your shoe choice, because if you celebrate on a lawn or in the sand, heels are rather a bad choice. In that case, you are on the safe side with flat shoes, platform soles or block heels. Of course, you can also celebrate barefoot on the beach. As a precaution, always bring a pair of interchangeable shoes with you, so that you are prepared for any surface and even with aching feet.


Even with the accessories, you should be more restrained as a wedding guest. Big statement necklaces or pieces that look too much like costume jewelry may be inappropriate. Instead, choose jewelry made of precious metals such as silver and gold or in the precious metal look instead. Delicate necklaces or earrings are just the things. If you decide on a hat or fascinator, it should not be too noticeable or big.


The most natural makeup is best for a wedding. Smokey eyes, colorful eyeshadow or loud lipstick are rather inappropriate. Nude and pastel shades or earthy nuances are restrained; even eyeshadows with golden shimmer can look great in summer and on the slightly tanned skin.

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