The wedding hair accessories are a must. Magnifying your wedding bun hairstyles or falsely neglected banana bun. Headband, barrette, comb or headband, lofts, hair accessories and prices for all fantasies! It allows, for example, when you’re the bride,

Every woman has a clear wedding hair accessories idea of her marriage. She imagines Princess Wedding in the bohemian bride, rock… To each her personality wedding dress… Only, marriage does not end in a dress, it’s a set. Everything must be coordinated to the millimeter: the wedding hairstyle, the wedding shoes, the bridal bouquet and even the costume of the groom.

Speaking of wedding hair accessories, the choice is so vast; it is sometimes difficult to stop your final decision: the bridal veil (which declines to infinity), wreaths, jewelry, combs, and headbands. To help you and guide you, it offers 30 wedding hair accessories that will enhance your outfit.

Successful bridal hairstyle with headband

If you do not want a hairstyle too traditional or less traditional, the headband is a great alternative. You can choose fine and delicate for a romantic effect. Feel free to use beads, lace, and another elaborate embroidery. In hairstyle, you can pretty much let your hair loose by focusing on a few loops. You can also bring them back so rolled bun. This hairstyle is practical and poetic. Simply place your good headband and wrap the rest of your hair in the elastic back of the headband.

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Wedding hair accessories for those who want a retro style, the headband comes so satin turban, mesh or mentally. I may also be associated with a wedding veil for a style year 20 as the wedding collection Delphine Manivet or Lorafolk. One thing is certain, the headband still has the beautiful day in front of him and proves that it is effective both during the day and evenings.

The advantage of a wedding hairstyle with the headband is that it is easily achievable at home. However, this does not prevent you from practicing at home to master your gestures -day

Bridal Hairstyle: Wedding hair accessories that we forget

However, if you prefer to avoid the headband with a hairstyle more tailored and structured, it has a lot of wedding hair accessories in reserve. The small combs adorned with beads, crystals and other jewelry offer hair wedding vintage and elegant dignified mythical married. You can either plant a comb in your bun or put on each side of your head with hair down.

Feel free pinking way your hair 30 years or conversely to fasten for a more rockabilly look. The bottom line is that you feel good in your outfit and you do not have the impression of being in disguise on the day of your wedding.

Outside the old combs, you can splurge on a wreath as romantic as bohemian. In recent years, they have the wind in their sails and their popularity rating is climbing. To bring a touch of color, you can very well choose with pink flowers, red … And for the brave, get into a florist with your berries, bay leaves, and other spring flowers.

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We do not forget the girls to rock style and offers them few tiaras grunge very Courtney Love 90s Spotted on the Saint Laurent show this winter, the tiara is a bold accessory that is far from the wedding hairstyles too common. After all, the queen of the evening is you and nobody else, so wear a crown seems to be a must!

Comb As A Hair Accessory – Nice Accessory For Every Hairstyle

Hair accessories are an important element that turns ordinary hairstyles into something beautiful. Hairpins, hair clips, headbands and belts, and something is already forgotten, the combs for your hair are back in.

You can find them in a variety of options, colors, and styles. If this item has been missing in your accessory collection so far, you must immediately make it a part of your Spring and Summer vision. Look at these examples of how breathtaking a comb looks like a hair accessory.

The Comb As A Hair Accessory – Make Your Hairstyle Beautiful And Striking

Style your hair into a bun and put the comb as a base. Here, the accessory has small spikes, which are metal tips integrated into it, which are highly trendy this season. If you can not find such a comb in the shops, then try to make one yourself.

The Comb As A Hair Accessory – Our Ideas How To Create A Beautiful Hair Comb Yourself

Do not forget these floral motifs. Smaller combs can be placed on both sides of the hair and larger ones are a great eye-catcher on one side if you make a bun or braid. These are exotic touches that complement your vision.

A Beaded Comb On The Side Of The Dough

Stones and glitter not only characterize the accessories but also the clothes in the Prada collection of spring-summer 2018. If you have already added to your closet a shirt or dress, a blouse or jeans, then a small comb as a hair accessory with crystals the special something that completes your perfect look.

Crystal Comb As Jewelry In The Hair

For the ladies, who will soon have their say or have another elegant event ahead, we can recommend a metal comb with floral motifs and stones. The comb as a hair accessory is also suitable for those of you who wear short hair. These little hair accessories will add a lot of beauty and freshness to your every day and evening look.

Instructions for a make-up hairdo

Today, we’ll explain how you can make this pretty and elegant updo yourself. It is ideal for special occasions, such as the graduation ball, but also for everyday life or the workplace.

Easy instructions for an updo

To do this, you can use a curling iron to create a foundation of curls before starting the updo yourself. This gives the hair a certain structure. However, this preparation prior to updating instructions is not essential and may be omitted to save time.

Make the curls

By now you have already convinced yourself of the beauty of this hairstyle, so we now have the instructions for an updo. Have fun trying!

  • a brush
  • a stalk comb
  • a spray bottle
  • a curling iron
  • a heat protection spray
  • a hair band
  • 10 to 12 hair clips
  • 2 or more spiral hair clips
  • hairspray, if desired

Duration: 15 to 20 minutes

Difficulty: medium

Simple variant for an updo – Frensch Twist with hair accessories

Divide the hair along the crown into two parts.

The next step in the updo instructions is to divide the hair straight down from ear to ear in the ears. Tie the rest of the hair back together so that they do not bother.

Then twist the hair with a curling iron for strand by strand. Take thin strands. The curls should turn towards the face.

After each strand, use a hair clip to lock the curl so that the curl does not straighten out on cooling. Continue to curl the individual strands of the front part of the hair and continue to pin the curls.

When you are done with the curls, tie the back of the hair together to form a low ponytail.

The next step in the updo tutorial is to screw in the braid you’ve made so that you wrap it around the hair tie to make a pretty, low bun. Stick it to the head with hairpins.

Now drop the curls on one of the sides. Take a brush and brush the strands together to create waves instead of separate curls.

Pull the strand towards the bun, wrap it around the bun and attach it with hair clips. Be careful not to over tighten. The wavy strand should run along the head.

Repeat steps 7 and 8 with the other side.

Instructions for an updo: Finally, add accessories and fix with hairspray if you want.

Waiting for the big day, you can get inspiration by watching our 2018 wedding trend



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