Dramatic season moments that mark in each shoot fresh youthful image of the popular fashion close to the young.

Zara TRFZara TRF summer denim outfits style lookbook

At first glance, we would quickly be overwhelmed by the summer colorful floral, sweet pastel tones and denim outfits are inspired by 90s fashion – all brought to life by season spring as well as summer thirst, burning hot and bright. Besides, along with the major trend, eye-catching design is young, highly application and relatively easy-to-wear: trousers dungarees retro tone comes with a white T-shirt suddenly tank, jacket patterns paired with animal print coat … and especially the pair of sandals liberal and design pants, tube high above the ankles; trends always requires high sophistication in the “mix-and-match” is Zara variations to become invisible same comfort and ease suit everyone, from the discerning lady to her simplicity.

Zara Woman

Zara Woman Colors Combination Dress LookBook

Her with lookbook January 4, Zara has brought women in diverse designs and bold colors with fashion trends current cult: black and white, floral, menswear or plaid. The light tones such as white, red, yellow, green pastel … also favored to take to bring a new fresh looks but still full of youthful femininity. Besides, women have always seen in the overall harmony between design excellence and the combination of the dress of Zara: style simple, attractive and elegant but never become capital boring or less attractive.

Urban Outfitters


Fashion popular “Hello Summer” with the image of a journey to seek freedom in the desert city an iconic symbol for the hot summer and full of appeal & In contrast to the barren, scorching heat of youth full of, full of desire freedom and rebellion is evident through each costume as washed denim, the T-shirt mischievous or “duo “crop-top and and of course, the sweet flower colors as well as items carried aztec motifs fun is also an integral part of the summer journey.

Forever 21

Forever 21 summer dresses lookbook Forever 21 summer dresses lookbook-

Criteria summer of Forever 21 comes with outstanding tone, the liberal outfit bold and glamorous with the ability to wake at first sight vision. Crop-top, shorts, leopard motifs or rua tour … is the key point of the BST and is also a “must-have item” that young people need in the summer of 2013. In the early summer sun sweet, the image gives us inspiration for the holiday season filled with joy ahead. It is known that the image is made in hotels Saguara in Palm Springs, California.

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