Well-Groomed And Festive: Tips For Perfect Hands And Fingernails


Soon, the holidays are just around the corner and the search for the perfect Christmas and New Year’s Eve outfit begins. But it’s not just the wardrobe that counts: well-groomed hands and fingernails also make an important contribution to a festive outfit.

In the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping can quickly break a nail, splinter the paint or the hands are rough and cracked by the cold. But do not worry! With a few simple tips and tricks, everything can be quickly got under control again. And until the feast, the hands and nails are again beautiful, well-groomed and festively decorated.

Make nail design yourself: with gel, varnish, and glitter

Nail art design red glitter UV lacquer

The nail design should look perfect on Christmas and New Year and shine with the Christmas decorations around the bet? With the right equipment, every woman can conjure up beautiful nail designs for herself. Specialized online shops such as 99nailsoffer a well-assorted selection of various products for the care, modeling, and painting of nails. By UV and LED devices for household use and the professional curing of the paints in their own four walls is no longer a problem.

Numerous trend colors, glitter gels, and nail art are available for the perfect finish. By making their own, women can give their nails a truly individual look while giving free rein to their creativity. The result is perfect-looking nails in a glittering Christmas look or elegant designs for New Year’s Eve.

For Beautiful Hands: Do Not Forget Hand Care!

Of course, your hands must shine as well so that the nails set in the scene are shown to their best advantage. Good hand care is very important, especially in winter. Due to the cold, the skin of the hands is poorly supplied and in the worst case, it can become chapped and cracked. The dry heating air does the rest and puts the hands too. Therefore, regular creaming with a skin type suitable care in winter is an absolute must.

Well-Groomed Hands And Fingernails Winter

If you have particularly sensitive and dry skin, you can apply your hands before you go to sleep and wear cotton gloves overnight so that the cream can settle in peace. Also, an oil bath can help especially dry skin regain its suppleness.

Winter Hand Care Supple Dry Skin

From time to time, it may of course also be a gentle exfoliation to rid the skin of superfluous skin cells and prepare optimally for the subsequent care. To prevent winter warm gloves should always be worn outdoors. Similarly, drinking enough water helps keep the skin elastic and soft.

The Paint is off! Now is Time for New Color

If you want to spice up your natural nails with colored paints, you are spoiled for choice with countless colors, shades, and variants. There are glossy or matt paints, nail polish with glittering effect or in dazzling metal nuances. Pay attention to some tips on nail painting and if you use high-quality paints, almost nothing can go wrong.

Nails Paint Holiday Red Almond Shape

Most important is the thorough preparation: the nails must be carefully freed from the old varnish and then thoroughly washed and dried. The cuticle should also be gently pushed back and the nail already filed in shape. With a nail prepared in this way, you can start. Painting yourself requires patience and a steady hand. Therefore, many women like to paint in front of the TV – so the waiting time can be better bridged.

Trendy Gloves – The Must-Have Of The Season

How important warm gloves are in winter for beautiful hands, we have already mentioned. Now a good news: Gloves are in vogue this season! The big designer labels have freed the gloves from their dusty image and breathed new life into them with great fabrics and enchanting colors.

Gloves Winter Elbow Black Trendy

So gloves are no longer a necessary garment to protect the hands. Thanks to the new models, colors, and materials, gloves can be the perfect complement to the winter wardrobe and the icing on the cake in the Christmas style. If you like it extravagant, use extra long gloves that reach to the elbows.

Nail Art Design Winter Christmas Red White Stripes Flower

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