What a Trendy Manicure & Nail Designs in The Summer


Summers Manicure & Nail Designs with its rich colors to create a bright image. This applies to clothing, shoes, accessories, make-up. In the women’s image no trifles, so manicure is paid so much attention. Offers designers are varied. In the present manicure bright, pastel colors, patterns and painted decor consignment. Compliance is considered fashionable shade of nail color and shine. Nails can also be combined with the color of lipstick.

Manicure & Nail Design For Summer Trends

Trendy Manicure & Nail Designs

Color Spectrum

Manicure & Nail Designs Fashion for the natural dictates simplicity in everything: hair, makeup, manicure. Is still popular manicure in pastel colors? It is suitable to any style and image. Bright coating corresponds to the natural nail shade: light pink, beige, light peach. Emphasize the well-groomed hands and nails can be perfect with clear lacquer, moderate luster. Nails should be short, oval or almond shape.

Trendy Manicure & Nail Designs-

Manicure & Nail Designs – Brilliant colors actively in vogue, unusually looks varnishes blue and dark blue colors. They resonate with the deep tones of the summer sky, blue sea, beckoning in sea voyages and look great on the sandy beaches. The coating can be a sparkling glossy or matte muted. Try to experiment with bright colors: red, green and purple, gray, black.

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For romantic natures fit bright shades of purple and pink. Very feminine look on the nails delicate lavender, amethyst, purple, pink Pearle scent paints. For a bold image, use a bright fuchsia, deep dark pink.

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Manicure & Nail Designs Against the backdrop of a tanned body looks spectacular metallic coating: gold, bronze, silver, copper. Underlined tan all shades of white: milk, cream, pearl, snow-white & these varnishes better to put on short nails.

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Nail Design

In order not to waste time on elaborate manicure, summer is better to use a simple and affordable design that you can do yourself. For this purpose, special coatings, stickers, rhinestones. If your nails are far from ideal but want to quickly put them in order, you can use shellac polish.

Trendy Manicure & Nail Designs-02

A variety of prints you can create unusual nail designs. Designers fashion brands offer a leopard, newspaper, striped, vintage lace patterns. Prints of the nails may overlap with the patterns in the clothing, footwear and accessories.

Trendy Manicure & Nail Designs-04

Industry production of lacquers offers unusual novelties. The use of small beads can get the original manicure style. So you can make some or all of the fingers nails. In fashion manicure such options are more appropriate for an evening image.

Trendy Manicure & Nail Designs-05

Looks pretty, cover with the effect of “crazing”. These paints are not out of fashion and are considered vintage. Experimenting with color can be achieved unusual combinations and get a manicure under the skin of reptiles.

Trendy Manicure & Nail Designs-06

Nail design of feng shui suggests the use of different shades. Contrasting colors intensify the influence of the planets, improve vitality, improve mood. Allowable to use a nail polish shades of colors. This manicure improves emotional state, attention and good luck.


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