What Concealer to Use: How To Use Correctly – Step By Step Instructions


Facial concealers play a huge role in the existing visage variety

how to use them we tell further!

Just a couple of years ago, make-up was a standard female procedure, which is not customary to talk about. Today, even a classic daytime make-up can be a genuine work of art. At its peak, the beauty industry offers hundreds of diverse products.

Some of them are designed to give shine,

emphasize dignity, to put spicy accents,

while others are used to correct defects and flaws.


The classic definition is as follows: it is a means for precise correction of skin problems. The prototype of the modern beauty concealer was the foundation, developed by a talented artist of American origin – Lydia O’Leary in 1928.

Since childhood, struggling with complexes due to a huge birthmark,

she entered the Faculty of Chemistry with the goal of creating a unique cosmetic product that would allow covering visible flaws.

The newly made scientist chemist was not in vain, and soon…

she was able to develop a suitable formula.

Fourteen years later: the problem of masking skin defects was rethought by the legendary Helena Rubinstein.

who created an innovative emulsion for that time. Featuring a dense texture, it perfectly concealed burn marks, birthmarks, and freckles.

A true revolutionary still belongs to Max Factor…

The beauty industry in 1954 presented the first concealer in history.

Instantly loved by Hollywood stars, he gained immense fame, earned the respect of makeup artists around the world.

Concealer Use

Why Used

Instagram tutorials persistently inspire the idea that the main purpose of concealers is to mask bruises and dark circles under the eyes. In fact, the scope is much wider.

So, they easily help you:

  • Hide pigmentation;
  • Eliminate visible redness;
  • Smooth facial relief.

Unlike foundation,

the concealer eliminates serious defects and imperfections, literally “erasing” them.

How Different From The Corrector

Often, beauty concealers are confused with corrective means or consider that they are interchangeable. Such beliefs are wrong, and here’s why:

  • Proofreaders have a thicker consistency, which may differ from the skin color, form characteristic spots;
  • Proofreaders cannot be applied to the whole face – only pointwise;
  • Corrective products can dehydrate the epidermis, forming peeling.

Also worth noting is the application method. If concealers use shades after shading, then correctors, on the contrary, are before.

How to Choose The Right Shade

Beauty concealers have a wide palette. To choose the perfect shade, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • Consider your own tone;
  • Adequately assess the condition (what exactly will have to be masked – birthmarks, freckles or rashes).

In some cases, it is appropriate to take into account the rate of sebaceous secretions – too oily skin can provoke oxidation.

Primary Colors

In a huge selection of concealer products, the most common ones can be distinguished:

  • Green;
  • Pink;
  • Yellow;
  • White;
  • Purple;
  • Skin Tones.

They can easily be found in any store.

Varieties of Cosmetic Product

The modern beauty industry is literally immersed in the choice of concealer products. It is noteworthy that they can differ from each other not only in color but also in the form of release. The following are distinguished:

  • liquid – ideal for dry and sensitive skin;
  • Cream – well stewed without leaving stains;
  • Dry – qualitatively mask acne and inflammation;
  • In pencil – suitable for point adjustment;
  • In stick – “erase” scars and scars, enlarged pores.

The basis of not so much personal preferences as the characteristics of the epidermis (degree of fat content,

the presence of aesthetic defects and flaws).

How to Use: Step by Step Instructions

The method of using the concealer directly depends on the format of the issue,

however, you can highlight the basic recommendations that are universal in nature:

  • The first thing you need to do is prepare your skin for makeup – clean and moisturize it.
  • As soon as the cream or serum is absorbed, apply a little primer.
  • Following it, evenly distribute the concealer.
  • Thoroughly blend it, given that for liquid forms it is better to take a sponge, and for powder forms – a brush.

Concealer products are not recommended to be applied by hand since in this case there is a high risk of stains and stains.

How Else Can I Use

Key concealer tasks have already been listed above,

however, along with them, the tool can solve such problems:

  • The roughness of the lips. It can act as a primer, leveling the surface, preparing it for applying lipstick.
  • Makeup mistakes. The white color perfectly obscures the traces of shading shadows or eyebrows.
  • Thin eyebrows. Beauty product fills the empty space, creating the effect of density.

In addition, concealers can be used instead of cosmetic sculptors. Allowing you to draw contours, they correctly place accents, visually transform you.

How To choose

Professional make-up artists often call concealers improved forms of classic foundation. Based on this definition, we can identify key principles on the basis of which one should make a choice:

  • Texture – for a clean face without imperfections and flaws, lighter and weightier formulas are suitable, while for a problem face – dense and creamy.
  • Color – for those who are prone to the appearance of rashes, you should look at the options with green pigment.
  • Format – for owners of dry skin, it is better to give preference to liquid products, and oily and combination – powder.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the purpose of using the concealer – it is purchased to mask circles under the eyes or to even out the facial relief.

The main varieties and how to use them

Pencil Concealer

It is irreplaceable in cases when the jewelry result is important – for example when masking single rashes or small pigmentation. The success of the final make-up directly depends on the sharpness of the stylus: the sharper the pencil, the higher the quality of work.

Beginners of the make-up world, as a rule, make the same mistake – they begin to shade the pigment immediately after distribution. It’s right to do this after 20-30 seconds, when the chemicals react, slightly adjust to the tone.


The best option for dry or combination skin. Characterized by a plastic texture, it does not leave bald spots and does not roll, it persists throughout the day. Step-by-step instructions on how to use cream concealers:

  • Prepare the face by cleaning and moisturizing it;
  • Distribute to problem areas;
  • Blend it using a beauty blender.

All that remains is to fix the result with a layer of powder.


Such textures are versatile – suitable for owners of both dry and oily skin. Excellent shading, they allow you to create the perfect make-up. Step-by-step instructions with a photo on how to use a liquid facial concealer:

  • Apply a little under the eyes, as well as on problem areas.
  • Blend it with a special sponge.
  • Fix the result with a powder layer.

If desired, from above, you can “scatter” little flickering reflective highlighter particles.

Concealer Stick

Favorite product is Kim Kardashian. Featuring a denser texture, it overlaps skin imperfections, allows you to achieve a perfectly even tone. It is applied by analogy with a creamy.


A true salvation for owners of oily skin, prone to rashes and inflammation. Perfectly dries pimples, accelerating the healing process. However, the formula, enriched with vitamins and minerals, prevents the formation of peeling. A detailed guide on how to use a dry concealer:

  • Apply to problem areas after blending foundation.
  • Spread it evenly with a fluffy brush.

Powder Concealer is not recommended for use under the eyes. As this can cause wrinkles.

Which is better: fluid or dry

It is impossible to answer unequivocally which is better. The tool is selected on the basis of individual skin features, existing makeup skills, as well as the purpose of use. However, if you look at the statistics of purchases, you can find that wet formats are more popular.

Benefits of using Liquid Condenser

How to explain the high demand for this form of release? The thing is its unique features:

  • instantly eliminates bruises under the eyes, redness, and inflammation;
  • quickly applied, well shaded;
  • has caring properties;
  • often contains reflective particles, which creates the effect of velvety.

Also, it should be noted that new generation products may include nutritional components and microelements to improve the condition of the face.

Why Color Coders Are Needed

Face Concealers How To Use Correctly

Although hard contouring has long sunk into oblivion, turning into the main cosmetic antitrend, multi-colored concealer products still have not lost their relevance. Next, we explain why.


According to the rule of mixing colors, it neutralizes purple, therefore, it is indispensable for masking bruises under the eyes. Also, with its help, you can easily hide the spider veins and capillaries.


Products from this color scheme perfectly cover age spots, relieve dullness of the face. As a rule, they are applied to prominent places, well shaded, fixing with powder.


Absolute must-have for girls with problem skin. Literally erasing acne and inflammation, it eliminates redness, creates a healthy, natural look.


Pinkish and salmon shades remove traces of fatigue, refresh the overall picture. Ideal for girls of Nordic and Scandinavian appearance.

How to use if there are very few flaws

The application scheme is as follows:

  • Cleanse your skin in the usual way, then moisturize it.
  • Spread the base.
  • Locally apply the concealer product where necessary.

It remains only to blend everything, and the makeup is ready.

How to mask serious problems

A problem person needs special care:

  • After cleansing and moisturizing, be sure to apply the primer – it will provide the make-up resistance.
  • Cover problem areas with concealer without shading.
  • Add two layers of foundation.
  • Fix the result with light mineral powder.

How to use for eyes

If the only defect that bothers you is bruising, then the concealer can be applied exclusively under the lower eyelid. How to do it right,

5 Major Mistakes

Concealer – a tool designed to improve the condition of the face, improve the quality of the skin. However, if used improperly, it can aggravate the situation. Errors made by beginners are of the same type, and here is a detailed list of them:

Invalid sequence. Concealer products are applied over the foundation and nothing else.

  • Invalid color. One has only to take a green tint to adjust the circles under the eyes, as the makeup will be hopelessly spoiled.
  • Thick layer. The rule “the more the better” does not work here!
  • Lack of powder. Concealer is not at all a replacement for the powder layer.
  • Bad shading. Despite the fact that it is applied locally, it is mandatory to shade it.

Taking into account all these points, you can make a quality make-up.

Rating of the best liquid concealers

To consolidate the studied material, we offer a rating table that lists the best modern products.

CategoryTitleTotal score
LiquidAlliance Perfect, L’Oréal Paris9
Naked Skin, Urban Decay9.2
CreamEffacernes Long Tenue SPF 30, Lancôme9.3
Clarins Instant Concealer9.9
DryMAC Studio Finish8.9
Catrice Allround concealer9.2
Stick/pencilCover Perfection Stick Concealer7.8


Ksenia, 21 years old:

“And I can’t imagine a day without my beloved co-sealer! The circles under the eyes are literally “erased” and the traces of a sleepless night, no matter how it happens!

Tamara, 25 years old:

“Concealer is what helped me completely abandon foundation creams. With it, I gloss over minor imperfections, then a layer of powder, and you’re done – the face is perfect! ”

Julia, 23 years old:

“For a long time, I could not find my remedy until I accidentally took a miniature of Dior for testing. I put it almost every day, while no complaints. That’s what it means to use the concealer for joy! ”

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