What Fabric For Your Wedding Dress in 2018 2019?


Lorsqu’on imagine the wedding dress of her dreams it is often the first form that appears. Too few brides feel the fabric of their dress.

What Fabric For Your Wedding Dress 2013

Yet it is very important. Indeed, it is she who will ensure your comfort but also the maintenance and the elegance of your wedding dress. Zankyou has selected some typical fabrics wedding dresses.

The silk

handwoven silk gives a little wild side “crumpled chic” to your dress.

The silk satin

a soft and smooth with a shiny surface and dull the place upside down. Depending on its quality the satin can be more or less.


light and bright it is transparent. Very delicate hues make him a tissue known for its nobility. Close muslin, however, it is a little thicker.

The tulle very economical it is revived today by the creators. It will give a large effect on your outfit. It is often used for dresses “princesses” or just for bridal veils.

The taffeta silk fabric luxurious

it is the same thickness as the silk. However, it has a look brittle and dry which may bother some brides.

The muslin

it is a fine fabric flexible and transparent accentuates the vaporous dress. It is often used for wedding dresses “empire”, light and air. In addition to wedding dresses, chiffon are top trends in 2018 2019!

The Mikado silk very firm and thick

the fabric will look to your dress. Be careful though if you marry in the summer the Mikado is hot!


Lace you choose to add some “vintage” your dress. There are several different laces but finesse is a symbol of elegance. To get an idea take a look at these pictures of wedding dresses lace 2018 and has six lace accessories to wear with your wedding dress.

Do not overlook the fabric of your dress it is he who sets the tone for your outfit J. Day If the chiffon and organza better matches an outfit more air and the Mikado satin rise to the chic and sober!

Attention also chooses your fabric based on your wedding date do not choose something heavy for summer or winter chiffon! By having your dress custom you have even more choice!

Have you chosen the fabric of your dress?

If so share your ideas for the forum wedding!

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