Aging Skin Causes What Happens When Our Skin Ages?


Aging skin causes like the rest of our body we must learn to distinguish aging said normal from pathological aging.
The saying “prevention is better than cure” is particularly suitable.

What Aging Skin Causes Of The Skin Body?

The aging skin causes process is genetically determined but influenced by many external factors. Of these, ultraviolet rays are by far the most important.But diseases hormonal changes, diet, smoking, etc.., All contribute to the decline of certain cellular functions. The evolution is not the same for all so that for some, it created a huge gap between chronological age and biological age it seems so younger or older than her age.

Aging skin causes

The Changes Of The Skin is Normal Over Time …

The skin is something that envelope it is a body and not the less noble. Under the influence of time the skin becomes thinner and loses its elasticity becomes dry, rough, less defended against infections and make wrinkles.

These, more or less deep occur with the breakdown of collagen and elastic fibers (elastic composite). Melanocytes, cells responsible for producing melanin pigmentation, decrease in number (10% per decade in protected areas) and efficiency.

Melanin as a sunscreen is very effective against the attacks of the ultraviolet and the famous capture free radicals (molecules formed in response to stress, the accumulation of which is highly toxic to cells), we understand that the skin is fragile in age.

Finally, all kinds of stains may appear pigmented or non benign or not.

Skin Diseases of Seniors a Phenomenal List!

Because of the fragility gained over time but also lifestyle (sun exposure, smoking, etc..), You can see occur in a variety of senior aging skin causes problems including a list of names, all more complicated than each others discourage more frequent.

Roughly, it lists them in poetic spots (without relief) macules (small relief), nodules, bubbles, ulcers? …

What is referred to as benign pre-malignant or malignant with or without infection, itching, diseases more generally.

If one were to retain only thing is that no aging skin causes problem dragging or recent onset should be neglected Always know her name, just given by the doctor or dermatologist and especially about its evolutionary potential.

In the end the question is always this should remove or not?

Petit guide right thing for her aged skin … Surprising simplicity sometimes, do not neglect the daily application of these tips.

Prevention Dermatology is the opinion of all useful from earliest childhood. It is particularly relevant for an aging population.

Sun protection

With a protection factor of at least 15 for all. Avoid if possible exposures between 10h and 16h. For assets that spend several hours outdoors (in the garden, golf, in warm countries), we must learn with the help of her doctor, to examine and to once a month.

An appointment with the dermatologist the annual minimum ensures early detection of cancers. The review will be complete skin, scalp, nails, mucous membranes, feet and folds (buttocks and ears) included!

Ensure a Good Daily Hygiene

Yes the shower, bath, no!

The extended sessions in very hot water indeed have much effect on stress but on aged skin, they cause itching and dry skin. Too long immersed in hot water the stratum corneum (superficial) dissociates, releasing the water molecules that normally contains. This is even more the heat promotes sweating. Nerve endings surface are then most sought, which explains the itching that accompanies dry skin.

Choose Products For Toilet

Attention to liquid soap that does not rinse enough, the shower gel scented and colored, often allergenic. In case of irritation, preferring know surgras and better solutions washer.
After rinsing careful well dry without rubbing paying particular attention to skin folds need to wipe.

Attention to Received Ideas

Moisturize your skin with creams, it is important but the best are not necessarily the most expensive. The best thing is to avoid those that are colored, fragrant.One more thing not the cologne friction! These lotions are too alcoholic pickling. There are now products without alcohol.

You must drink and eat healthy …

We do not remember enough but the skin is composed mostly of water.

A healthy and varied diet provides sufficient vitamin intake for the skin (vitamins E, C, A, B9, PP). Not tolerate any spot, crust, or outgrowths of recent onset without having first shown to the doctor or dermatologist who often elsewhere,

It potentiates the effects of UV and has the tendency to accumulate in the middle layer of the skin of the elastic fibers (elastin composite), which ends up giving a yellowish color.

Similarly, it alters the local vascularization, which increases skin fragility.

Skinned blue eyes Age Solar Exhibition

Ask yourself one question: “when was my last appointment with the dermatologist? “. Never treat yourself! Be careful not to put anything on any lesion. The use of folk local treatments containing active compounds such as cortisone, antibiotics, some antiseptic, can be catastrophic.

Indeed, misused, they can at least complicate healing.Always consult your doctor and strictly enforce its orders.

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