What Is Dress Code Business Casual For Women? 10 Golden Rules


The dress code Business Casual for women is a little difficult to decipher in today’s work environment and can also vary depending on the profession and office environment.

Since proper clothing is very important in the job, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the dress code rules.

We’ll also show you some of the best looks of Amal Clooney – a businesswoman who is always smart and smartly dressed and often becomes a style icon.

What does Business Casual mean?

Business Casual Outfit Women White Pants Black Top Ballerina’s Everyday

The dress code Business Casual is a bit more casual than the traditional office clothing style.

You do not have to wear a full suit, but a strapless summer dress with flip-flops is a no-go.

Business Casual has long since established itself as a modern office look in most companies.

It is also advisable to choose most of your garments in neutral colors: black, gray, navy blue, brown, beige and white.

Based on the simple plain colored pieces, you can then put a few splashes of color that emphasize your personality.

Which Pants Fit The Business Dress Code Casual Look?

Pants are obvious and often the first choice for most women for their office outfit. Make sure they sit well, are wrinkle-free and have no frayed seams or torn seams. Wool, cotton, linen, and gabardine are best, but you can also put on the easy-care polyester.

Nowadays, there is also a nice selection of office-grade jeans with no cracks, embroidery or extreme washes.

Business Casual Dress Code Ladies Brown Pants White Blouse Statement Chain Raincoat Trench

Pants in a dark subdued color like burgundy or forest green look very pretty. Pinstripes, glen check or plaid patterns are absolute classics.

In addition to the actual comfort and the optimal fit is of great importance. Straight leg pants, boot cut or ankle length are a real all-rounder.

Dress Code Business Casual Ladies Black White Red Coat

Business Dress Code With Casual Blouses, Shirts and Co.

To add a splash of color to an outfit, think of blouses and tops. Choose those colors that would complement your skin tone and your eyes nicely. Pastel colors, gemstones such as opal, amethyst, and turquoise, plaid, floral, and other prints such as paisley, polka dot, ikat are acceptable.

Business Casual Midi Skirt Peach Solid Top Accented Collar

In colder months put on blouses with long or ¾-sleeves. For spring and summer, short sleeve blouses and cap sleeves are ideal.

Pay attention to the neckline. Blouses with a Peter Pan collar, stand-up collar, round neck, submarine neckline, turtleneck or a square neckline look elegant. If you decide on a v-neck, make sure that the neckline is not too deep.

Business Casual Dress Code Women's Dress Knee Length Black White

Business Casual Sweaters And Cardigans

You can combine sweaters in a variety of ways – wearing trousers, a skirt or over a dress. The fit is important here, so stay away from oversized sweaters. Whether with or without buttons, soft fine knit sweaters are great all-rounders.

You can even wear longer cardigans with a narrow belt to give your outfit a completely different look.

Business Casual Dress Code Women White Cardigan Chocolate Brown Pants

Business Casual Coat, Jacket Or Blazer

A blazer is not a must if a Dress Code business casual outfit is required. But do not think you can wear a denim jacket on the way to work. You still need professional-looking outerwear.

(You never know when to go to lunch with the boss or a customer!)

Business Casual Outfit Women's White Sheath Pumps Floral Pattern Red Handbag

Stay on the safe side with neutral colors like black, anthracite, brown and navy blue. If you want a bit of variety, choose classic gemstone tones, thin pinstripes or herringbone patterns.

The fit is often a big problem with jackets and blazers. Classic, fitted models always look good.

Business Casual Skirts And Dresses

While pants are casual office wear, do not forget the skirts and dresses. Blouses, which are worn in combination with a pair of trousers, usually go very well with a skirt. Pencil skirts, A-line skirts or pleated skirts look very elegant.

Colored skirts are fine, but avoid too colorful colors and prints like flowers. If the skirt has a slit, make sure that it is appropriate, especially in the sitting position.

Business Casual Dress Code Women's Knee-Length Dress Scoop Neck Elbow Sleeves Navy Blue White

Dresses are an easy choice for business casual attire. Dress up and get started. It is not necessary to consider for a long time whether the upper part fits this lower part. They also look good with cardigans and blazers when the weather is colder.

Neckline and sleeves should follow the above rules for blouses. The hem can reach from just a few centimeters over the knee to just below the knee. Mini, Vokuhila and asymmetrical skirts are best kept in the closet.

Business Casual Dress Knee-length Patterned V-Neck

Which shoes are suitable for the Dress Code Business Casual?

When it comes to shoes, you have many nice options. Ballerinas, wedge heels, pumps, petticoats, and sandals are a great match for casual business outfits. Loafers, moccasins, ballerinas with round or pointed toes or even Oxford shoes are suitable for the office.

If you like to wear heels, you can combine pumps, sling pumps, T-strap pumps, peep toes with your office outfit.

Business Casual Red Knee-Length Dress Beige Coat

In the colder months, wear a pair of ankle boots or knee-high boots, either flat, with the heel or wedge heel. Avoid decorations such as rivets or buckles.

Amal Clooney Suit With Skirt And Blazer Boucle Fabric In Pink White

10 Golden Rules For A Successful Business Casual Outfit

Finally, let’s re-list the 10 golden rules for you:

1. Sleeveless tops should reach to the edges of your shoulders. No spaghetti straps.
2. The neckline should never reach deeper than 10 cm below the collarbone.
3. Make sure your clothes look as wrinkle-free as possible.
4. Use patterns sparingly.
5. If you are wearing a slightly transparent top, be sure to combine it with a blazer or undershirt.
6. A knee-length skirt is ideal for the office. Never shorter than a few inches above the knee.
7. If you want to wear patterned pants, choose a plain blouse.
8. A few splashes of color are perfectly fine!
9. Buy some quality clothing like a suit, a well-fitting blazer, a pencil or A-line skirt, and a silk blouse.
10. If you want to wear jeans, then choose a dark wash.

Business Casual Dress Ladies Summer Sleeveless Flower Pattern Dark Blue Beige

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