How to Apply Mascara Perfectly Mysterious Look


How to Apply MascaraHow to apply mascara completes the eye makeup by sheathing your lashes mascara you thicken your lashes while giving them the length; you create a velvety effect and mysterious look.

In winter opt for creamy mascara softer for sensitive eyes. Composition sheath, nourishes and protects the lashes. Some contain agents that enhance eyelashes. Others are transparent and contractors.

Transparent or only for fans of natural makeup in the summer, you should choose a mascara waterproof. It does not run and you can swim without fear of dripping mascara.

It also protects you from the sun. What a surprise to discover after sunbathing in the footsteps of her mascara that has not withstood the mixture sweating sun! Attention these mascaras require more elaborate than cleansing milks classics.

How to Apply Mascara Take To Grow Back & Thicker

Think About Buying Them

The most effective cleansers are oil based as pre-impregnated discs you find in all supermarkets.

How to Apply Mascara & Choose Color ?

The role of mascara is to give the illusion of eyelashes well supplied. Black, brown, royal blue and navy blue and all shades intermediate between these colors give the best results. The black is not always flattering for that clear complexion or if you have grown older.

It can harden the eye while a brown or royal blue gives the same result in softening the look. Brown and royal blue can be used regardless of the color of the eye shadow but it should not be any red highlights in brown. Brown black replaces the black.

How To Apply?

Sit back, lower your head and start with the upper eyelid. If still some traces of powder on the lashes, it will give more thickness. Hand made a movement of the lash towards the tip. Do not wait until the mascara dry. Brush lashes immediately with small eyelash brush before starting the other eyelid.

So you remove the excess mascara you have extended. Emphasize the outer corner lashes of the eye but not remove everything. If you have round eyes, do not put too much or not at all on the inner corner lashes. Beware the waterproof mascara dries very quickly!

In the lower eyelid, remove the excess on the tip of the applicator and apply it with the tip to avoid splashing.

And Brush Immediately

You can apply several layers of mascara, eyelashes brushing after each application//

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