What is The Secret of Beautiful Eyelashes?

What is The Secret of Beautiful Eyelashes?
What is The Secret of Beautiful Eyelashes?

It’s no secret that every woman dreams of having a beautiful long eyelashes, thick and dark, they give the look and expressiveness puzzle but nature does not all have such a wealth of awards and we are trying to recover its omissions, resorting to all sorts of tricks such as application extension and bulk ink, paint, build, and even tattoo space but the secret of beautiful eyelashes at all in these techniques.

Beautiful Eyelashes

They are making an external temporary effect, worsen the condition of eyelashes, making them weak, brittle, often lashes start to fall out and even those women whom nature has endowed ideal lashes, it is worth thinking about caring for them, especially given the current state of the environment. And with age is gradually fading beauty of eyelashes. We always think about the care of hair but eyelashes the same hair, why do we forget about them?

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The secret to beautiful eyelashes is the right care for them. Caring for eyelashes at home – it is a snap. We will only talk about natural firming and nourishing the tools that will make your lashes thick and voluminous.

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Natural oils can provide you with excellent care of your eyelashes & one of the most successful means of this care castor oil. On the qualities he leaves far behind all the latest facilities.

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Caring for eyelashes castor oil is very simple. Sometimes the oil is sold in a bottle of brush. If you purchased the oil without brush, then prepare your brush to apply oil. It can be washed clean of the used brush mascara. Finger gently applies a drop of oil on the lashes and brush very gently distributes it over the entire length of eyelashes. If you do not brush, you can use a cotton swab or just put your finger but always make sure that the oil does not fall into the eye.

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Castor oil has the ability to soften the skin is absorbed into it and does not dry out, so the skin does not form a film in the same way it is absorbed by the hair through the pores, which as we have seen are conduits of nutrients and after a few weeks your lashes will transformed.

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You can add castor oil and other nourishing oils almond, linseed oil, sea buckthorn, wheat germ oil, grape seed, peach, olive, as well as vitamins A and E at 3-4 drops of oil – 1 drop of vitamins. You can mix different oils in equal parts and stored in a separate vial.

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To make your eyelashes darker castor oil can be mixed with tea brewing or carrot juice.

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