What to Wear on Wedding Ceremony in Red and Gold! Look Of The Week


What to wear on wedding ceremony on us have invited to a wedding? Do not worry, if you do not know what to wear, take our cue from the look of the week

The season of the ceremonies and especially marriages has now arrived at the gates.

How to dress?

There are many vestments that lurk within the various collections made by the brand specialized in the field. There are short dresses, long and longuette, some dry as sheath dresses and other more detailed elements with jewel, draping, ruffles and more.

What to Wear on Wedding Ceremony

What to Wear on Wedding Ceremony With Accessories

Once you have chosen the dress must then figure out which accessories select and, mind you, is not as simple as you think. What we can advise is to make a one-time fee, or choose shoes, bag and jewelry gala that go great with each other and to do that you should buy them all together, or at least one output, so as not to make mistakes the various shades.

In addition, we suggest you also opt for gold or silver, and for an alcohol only (from variant lighter than darker). Based on these elements, you can choose the dress quietly, but always do so that the color or the fantasy of this will adapt well to the accessories: the only way to save a bit ‘, to purchase, from time to time, only the dress, and always use the same accessories.

Anyway, we start from accessories light gold with brilliant both white and yellow, perfect to give a light to our extraordinary look of the week for a beautiful ceremony elegant.

Here’s what we used for our outfits red & gold: red dress Pinko with jewel detail on the waist, open toe golden Menbur, clutch rectangular beads Accessorize, bijoux pavĂ© Accessorize, powder foundation of bareMinerlas, blush Bobbi Brown, set of eyeshadows bare of Forever 21, mascara Maybelline NY, in pencil Nars Velvet lipstick and perfume Yes Giorgio Armani.

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