What to Wear With Lace Pants Plain T-shirts In The Style


Today Christine Aguilar reminds you that, in spite of rapidly changing weather conditions, officially the window are still going on summer, so if you are happy now hot sun and the possibility to go out, do not warm a note on one of the important fashion trends.

We have already mentioned that lace skirt on the warm season was replaced as things must have their leather “colleagues” but have not yet mentioned the fact that there is an alternative of not liking dresses – lace pants.

What to Wear With Lace Pants


This year, designers are offering us once and for all get rid of stereotypes, claiming lace – only attribute evening images. Now these subtle things can and should be combined with a rough and democratic footwear (Cossacks or fancy brogues), plain T-shirts in the style of boyfriend and leather tops contrasting colors.

Lace pants have liked many famous women of fashion – for example, Vanessa Hudgens skillfully creates with them the spectacular images of hippies and Kristen Stewart on the contrary, they attend a glamorous event. In general, it all depends of what you want them to “eat” and where to wear it.


For the bold fashion ladies suit version with spicy slacks, most importantly do not forget that too much (and just a hint of it) it is not pretty and stylish but simply vulgar.

Therefore, more self-irony (bright red bag messenger or democratic striped shirt help you) the same rule works with another embodiment of lace trousers – narrowed cropped chinos.

These pants usually have a thin lace tight lining in tone that allows you to wear them even at work without fear of the authorities to show strict too much.

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