Which Cut for Short Hair Pick For 2014


The Shelookbook advice on how to find the perfect short hair cut for your face, to show off at this year full of proposals for short hair. Yes short hair, short hair is not it? Doubt is always around the corner at every meeting of hairdressing. There are the extremes that have the instinct to want to leave the lengths grown so much with a sharp pair of scissors as soon as you sit in the chair of the wash, or the podiatric that analyze and scrutinize trends in hair and make Carthusian order to be just sure of what they’re going to cut.

Short Hair

Which Cut for Short Hair Pick For 2014

The substance, however, remains the same: what short haircut to choose? In this 2014 we’ve seen all kinds: wispy unkempt, with helmets cropped, fringed square, Hair fashion, bob revisited and smoothing from punk. Do not miss anything, so that orientation becomes an extremely difficult game.

Short Hair

We Shelookbook we thought of a small handbook of tips to avoid mistakes the short cut and then bitterly regret the choice made:

  • Study well the shape of your face: she will determine your choices.
  • Talk to trusted hairdresser: just ask him advice based on the shape of the face.
  • Remember, your style: If you’re etiquette, do not you dare cut punk drastic.
  • Regolatevi on practicality: If you prefer to sleep more in the morning, the very short disheveled is your salvation.

Short Hair

Since the shape of the face is contained in basic types, such as cuts here are more suitable depending on the form…

Short Hair-01

Round Face: disheveled short bob with side bangs and parade to “stretch” the face.

Long Face: the short is still a risk because disproportionately more, better a little ‘ extra length. Privileged volumes side to “expand”. Bangs admitted, even boxy.

Square Face: no short cuts to geometric yes to filature ad hoc to soften the face.

Oval Face: the perfect face shape allows virtually all of the existing short cuts: sbizzaritevi!

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