How To Do Cat Eyes With Eyeliner Step By Step


The first secret to cat eyes eyeliner simple and straightforward it is to use eye gel. As one of the most favorite eyeliner trend these years, cat eyes advantages that create charming dotted lines on the face, and bring to a classic, sweet and absolutely hot.

However, the cat eyes eyeliner also requires meticulous individual, it requires you to know how to align so it’s tricky to avoid distorted or Lem, do take a little more time to clean revised. This affects directly to the fund of your time, because who would want to watch hours and that was still busy wiping clean the man next to you happy?

How To Make Cat Eyes Eyeliner Step By Step

cat eyes eyeliner

Then as now, the sisters often preferred eyeliner pencils or markers, water. It is rare when a bottle of gel eyes caught sight by using them with antiques that made the eyeliner was hard. However, eye gel pretty great advantages: long drift, smooth, eye open for election. Furthermore, the line of gel eyeliner when completed correctly will give you an elegant look and bright face. So let us see how the cat-eye eyeliner just simple, quick polite and feminine for all of her work.

Step 1: Agrees 1 eye cream lining up to vote for the help of the layer of chalk or powder eyeliner then not fade.

Step 2: Use the small beveled top to the shelf line. Note, spread on both sides of the gel eyeliner brush to make.

Step 3: Start via eye brushes from scratch in a curve and ends at the tail near future. Note that after each panning, need to get a really excellent way to refine the edge of the gel you have scattered on the eyes. After completing this step, you’ve got a stick on eyelids curve.

Step 4: Do not try to draw a line in the opposite direction from the caudal eyepiece below so that this line intersects with the corner of his eye.

Step 5: Continue to use the palm-shaded space is created between mi lines under her eyes. Who lit palm lines connected to each other to draw the cat-eye was full.

Step 6: Do not say the cat-eye lashes on the lower eyelid.

Step 7: Continue to do the same thing with the other eye.

Step 8: To animate smooth gel layer you just drew, you can use black eyeshadow to spread on top.

That means you have easy cat eyes eyeliner like that.

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