Winter Rain Can Create Clothing APEK & Washing Clothes


Washing ClothesWashing clothes, The rainy season still haunts will surely make all the activities to be slightly delayed. Activities that may often hampered when the rains are washing clothes. It is now washing is facilitated by the presence of a washing machine that is equipped with a machine drying.

But not all clothes can be dried by machine drying such as silk kebaya, suits or clothes somewhat complicated in the making. Probably most people prefer to wash laundry services.

If that is difficult to wash clothes the best way is with laundry while for regular clothes can be washed alone. But in the rainy season when washing drying process is done under the sun is very difficult.

Washing Clothes For Rainy Season

So often washing clothes after the rainy season still smell musty. To overcome the musty smell caused by clothing during the rainy season should be considered in the process of drying after washing.

  • Musty smell usually arises because of the humidity. Humid conditions can cause mold so the storage should not be too in store in closed containers. Give a little air to clothes.
  • ¬†Provide a special place for hang clothing clothes are still wet or still wet. Make sure the site has enough wind, so the wet clothes dried aerated.
  • Always use either the use of fragrance when washing clothes or clothes ironing. This is to kill the bacteria or fungi that are still attached to the garment causing a musty odor.

Nursing clothes that do not smell musty when the rainy season to avoid prevent moisture clothing. If it has not completely dried never fold or storing clothes make sure clothing is dry.

How to dry clothes in rainy season
How to dry clothes in rainy season then you wear jeans and top
clothes used in rainy season
clothes used in rainy season

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