Woman Cutting Hair Medium Long! Which to Choose According Haircuts to Face Shape

Woman Cutting Hair Medium Long! Which to Choose According Haircuts to Face Shape
Woman Cutting Hair Medium Long! Which to Choose According Haircuts to Face Shape

What is the best hairstyle women medium long? Here are some interesting tips to apply based on the shape of your face…

Want to cut your hair but do not know which one to choose? Today we decided to offer a cutting women’s hair, medium hair based on the shape of your face, trying to accentuate all the good qualities, hide flaws and make the proportions more balanced, like in the video posted above.

Obviously, the advice that we decided to suggest you cover all the trends this year, so you will always be fashionable. The hair stylist is the best person to ask for advice regarding the shape of your face: usually be able to suggest the best cut for you, but no one denies you the opportunity to read up on their own.

In our gallery, you will find a wide assortment of cuts hair according to the shape of your face, hoping to assist you in choosing not cause you too much difficulty. To make things easier

Here are some tips on what to choose according to your appearance:

Haircuts for Round Face-

Haircuts for round face, medium length and designed to hide the excessive roundness. When you have a round face, trying to stretch it almost always avoid short cuts and preferring a medium length, which reaches down to her shoulders.

You can choose to leave your hair smooth, or move, it’s up to you scalier. Per of the volume, avoid it along the length of the hair. Ok cuts marched; absolutely forbidden straight bangs. In case you are a lover of bangs, opt for a tuft marched with lateral line;

Haircuts for oval face

Haircuts for oval face, which is the most proportioned and versatile, we are indeed talking about a pretty face and adjust each cut is given, starting from the short ones until you get to those mid-length or long. The only advice we would like to give you, is to avoid too much combing;

Haircuts for square face

Haircuts for square face, the angular shape and almost always composed of rather large jaws, to avoid too precise cuts, while the tufts are recommended soft falling on her face. If you love fringe, go ahead and climb to the side: to avoid the straight and clear. To sweeten the features, aimed at romantic curls and waves;

Haircuts for long face

Haircuts for long face, with cheekbones that is often pronounced, what makes this face less long, you can opt for the bangs, is equal to that side, so as to camouflage the defect. Avoid short cuts and cot nature, but prefer medium lengths with waves. The line? Side or center makes no difference, because it will make it more harmonious facial…

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