Women Lips Tip For Having A Luscious Mouth


Women with thin lips you dream of lips thicker and denser some tips for having a luscious mouth.

Women Lips Tip For Having A Luscious Mouth

-Avoid colors that are too dark further refine your lips. Prefer bright colors and iridescent give volume.
– Always apply lip gloss brilliant to have more volume.
– Using a pencil the same color as your mouth redraw the contours on the outside of the hem of your lips while slightly above. Complete with a lipstick rather clear followed by a touch of gloss finish.

You have a mouth too small

Must completely redraw the contours of the mouth expanding commissures, Start by applying a little foundation on the lips to soften the edges. Draw with a pencil long holding the hem expanding commissures and the thickness of the lips.

– Use a lipstick covering do not see the true contours below.

Women’s lips are too big

Blend the lip contours with a foundation covering draw with a pencil contours mat inside decreasing the opening at the commissures. Apply a matte red rather dark.

– Avoid less colors too flashy or too bright you do not give them more than volume.
– Also avoid gloss and all that glitters.

Correction of a drooping mouth

A drooping mouth gives a sad. Blend with a concealer, foundation or the end of the lips to the corners redraw lips back slightly upwards commissure. Apply lipstick satin covering and sprinkle a little to fit.

Correcting asymmetric lips, the lips are asymmetric when one lip is thicker than the other. Blend the edges of the mouth with a concealer or foundation redraw the contours with a contour lip slightly overlapping the finest and redrawing the contours of the second inward.
– Use a pencil the same color as your lipstick.

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