Free Schedule Of Work Is Good For Your Health


Work is good for your health by Experts from the US figured out how affects the well-being so popular now free schedule

Employees of two American universities (Pennsylvania and Oregon) have selected 500 volunteers were divided into two groups. The first consists of those who observed the usual daily work schedule, spending in the office 45 hours a week. In the second group there were people who were asked to work in a free graphics, but in such a way that the whole week they also practiced required 45 hours. Unlike the first group of volunteers, they visited the office, when considered necessary and even worked at home (also in its sole discretion).

Work is Good For Your Health

Work is Good For Your Health AT Office Work And Home

The experiment lasted a year. When summing up the results revealed that the volunteers from the second group increased sleep duration – one hour per week. This gain the most favorable impact on the health of the subjects reported

“On the surface it seems a very small number, but with the transition to a free schedule of work has improved the quality of sleep, resulting in improved both physical and emotional condition of volunteers,” – said Officer Ryan Olson University of Oregon.

The study also showed that free schedule not only affect sleep and health of the subjects, but also a positive impact on the quality of their work. In particular, there were positive changes such as increased concentration and discipline people, responsiveness and their ability to process the information.

Scientists have noted the fact that the second group of volunteers significantly reduces the amount of work and family conflicts.

“This is undoubtedly due to the fact that people began to sleep, because sleep deprivation often causes irritability. Get enough sleep easier for people to concentrate on work and personal affairs “- the authors of the study.

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