Yoga Exercises For The Spine: Back Health In Five Major Moves


Here are some yoga exercises for the spine that will keep the young more!
how your spine is flexible.

Do you spend much of the day in the office, computer chair? We suggest some yoga exercises for the spine, which is a good start in this regard.

Your spine makes five major moves, according to eckhartyoga. These are flexion or rounding the back to a front extension, which rounds off the backs of back rotation that twists behind lateral bending, and axial extension, which stretches back vertically.

In everyday life, we do all these movements and spine stiffens and loses its fluidity. And the effects are felt in areas beyond the column, even organ. This is because all the nerve endings bind your body.

It is important to remember that these yoga exercises for a spinal column are not intended to give you the flexibility that is a yoga teacher, for example. Everybody is different. It’s good to experiment and reach a fluidity suitable for your body.

If you do these movements every day, there is little chance of back pain! You can do, quiet home!

3 yoga exercises for the spine

Stance Extension axial / vertical. Stand up with your hands at your sides. Breathe deeply, raise your hands up. Press down with your feet, as you root and back stretches in both directions. Imagine that appear spaces all your vertebrae. Then exhale deeply and hands down. Try to prolong becoming more breathing in and out when you exercise.

Posture Flex / cat posture. Beginning in child posture: your knees and then sat down heels assist you. Stretch your arms in front of you put your head and floor. As your knees are closer, the better you can round up a column. Then inhale, raise your hands and knees. When you exhale, push up the column until it rounds the same time bending the head, neck and rounded to you.

Stance Extension / cow posture. From the previous position, it can move in. Stay backed hands and knees and push the basin floor, routing backbone in the other direction. Lift your chest and your head to stay in a comfortable position. It’s a good idea to alternate between this and previous position. Coordinate your exhalation as for bending and inspiration with the extension.

If you deal better with these yoga exercises for the spine, then try 10 positions for routine

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