Zalando X Eleonora Carisi Exclusive Capsule Collection

Zalando X Eleonora Carisi Exclusive Capsule Collection
Zalando X Eleonora Carisi Exclusive Capsule Collection

The online store of clothing and footwear Zalando unveils new fashion collaboration and presents its capsule collection “Eleonora Carisi for Zalando” The editorial tells you everything

Shopping addict girlfriend, guys are afraid of Zalando virus yet, the brand continues to delight girls. The online store is back on the front of the stage with a new capsule collection and collaboration which we did not expect. Indeed, Zalando has decided to collaborate with the blogger and fashion designer Italian Eleonora Carisi the time of collection.

Zalando X Eleonora Carisi Exclusive Capsule Collection-

Exclusively “Made in Italy” and was made in high quality materials, the collection and put on a tropical floral printed style “urban jungle”. Among the 9 pieces of this collection include a jacket organza strapless dress or a neoprene trousers 7/8 silk that parts that feel like spring! The Italian designer was keen to highlight the transparent clothes, still using quality materials such as silk or organza. In shelookbook, we already know that printed colorful floral or tropical is a must-have of the Spring-Summer 2014 season.

Zalando X Eleonora Carisi Exclusive Capsule Collection

History reassure you ladies, the prices of the collection are available, ranging from € 150 for the most basic pieces such as blouses and up to 400 € for a dress (again, you’ll have to save). “The print I created for Zalando draws its inspiration from nature. This is a theme that I like also for my own collections. This time, I focused on romantic and feminine creations,” says Eleonora Carisi.

You have probably realized creative setting bright colors like green, blue and yellow to give the collection an image of positive attitude and good humor. Parts of this new capsule collection will blend perfectly with your shopping shoes Fall-Winter 2013-2014 10 trends! A collaboration that is doubly beneficial for the brand first, attempting a new experience with more elaborate pieces and worked but also for the blogger who has the honor to finally have a collection in his name and hopefully expand its audience. The collection will be available at Zalando from March 2014.

Source: CP. Photo: Zalando

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