Zara, 10 Pairs Of Footwear To Heel To Pimp Our Spring Looks


This is one of the major footwear trends of the season. This spring, aerate your look with open heel shoes! Slippers, sandals or ballet flats, you’ll be spoiled for choice at Zara

Impossible to miss open shoes in the back. They abound the e-shop of our favorite brands, they squat shelves of our favorite shops or they Shoe mannequins Spring-Summer 2016 fashion shows, and they are inevitable. If the 60’s revival makes us the eye with its ultra-small ballerinas’ heels trends, 90s fashion (she still!) Seems to be the right way!

We still remember our sharp Carrie Bradshaw who walked the streets of the Big Apple with her heeled slippers! If the mule shoe attempted a comeback in the last few years, comfort has quickly taken over the trend. Yes, we tried to walk with, but the risk of losing our shoes trying to catch the subway has somewhat dampened our ardor fashionista. In 2016, the heel open shoe invades again the fashion sphere but is accompanied this season, comfort bonus. Finally!

So we take you aside from Zara to our small selection in 10 pairs. For the less adventurous of you (but no less stylish), the ballerina will still be your best ally. To be trendy, opt for a polish model, flamboyant and obviously open heel (€ 19.95). In the same spirit, we love the pastel pair Pointed which is adorned with an embossed texture (€ 19.95).

Do not fear the combination of sharp and flat, this is the big trend of the season! For the perfect shot without fail, go for a pair to open the metallic rear (€ 45.95) or completely white decorated with a mini heel wood effect (€ 69.95). Perfect to pass a clean look, if you matched them, for example, in nice dress pants!

There are some days; we were doing if the buttoned dress, must-have spring. To complete your look 70’s, go for the yellow braided shoe for a holding vitamin Ultra (€ 59.95). Also very colorful, we are under the spell of the pair of high-heeled sandals open at the back (€ 59.95). With its gold heel, no chance to go unnoticed! If you want to play more rock, bet on shoes open to the pointy heel metal details (€ 59.95). On the more pleasant mood, flowered sandals meet your expectations (€ 59.95).

Finally, the trend slip wears copes well with our search heel shoes open. Whether leather slippers with a wooden sole (€ 45.95) or slippers printed python (€ 59.95) will be associated with a cannon colorful costume for example. So decided to succumb to the trend shoes open to heel? Well, go to the e-shop Zara, they are waiting to be adopted!


10. Zara Red Pump

ZARA Pumps red varnished open at the back 19.95 €


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