20 Samples Worst Shoes in Fashion History + Fashionable Shoes

Do not have any creative ideas for designers Worst Shoes, were also received his fan fashion, even the well-known names such as Marc Jacobs and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Short Neck Tassels Boots

Short neck tassels boots by Brian Atwood Charleston look no different from a horseshoe.

Gun Heels Shoes

And here is the real foundation (with heels is a gun) – a design by Iris Schieferstein in 2009.

Daisy Denim Monogram, Sheep Skin Shoes

In the Spring-Summer of 2016, Louis Vuitton introduced the boots also called “Daisy”. Made from special materials such as denim monogram, sheepskin, wood, and metal, the Daisy shoe is considered a unique product, not two.

Gianmarco Lorenzi High Lace Shoes

What outfit would you choose to associate with the denim boots phase of Gianmarco Lorenzi’s high lace collar? Reportedly, this unique design debuted last year.

Disaster Sample Shoes

The sample shoe propeller was launched in 2007 by Jean Paul Gaultier is a “disaster”.

High Neck Floral Boots Tied

High neck floral boots tied by the designer duo Viktor & Rolf fitted crisp but not rustic. Even the best thing is that she is not confident enough of this design in the street.

Prada Sandals Studded Gem Shoes

A sample of Prada sandals studded gem was released in 2010 and was limited to spelling.

Childish and Overly Fitted Crisp Shoes

Collection Spring – Summer 2012 by Nicholas Kirkwood is critically evaluated as colorful, childish, and overly fitted crisp.

Designer Shoes

This is one of the last designs of designer Croatia, Ivana Omazic when fired from the position of Celine creative director in 2009.

Nina Ricci Boots

Nina Ricci boots perhaps with the girl as Lady Gaga.

High heels Alexander McQueen Shoes

The high heels “crisis” of the Alexander McQueen brand looks hideous with the spiral.

Mismatch Sandals and Leather Boots

It is difficult to name the new designs in the collection spring-summer 2013 Prada. This is a combination of a mismatch between sandals and leather boots.

Mink Sandal

In the spring fashion season – summer of 2018, Celine also unveiled a Mink sandal oddly.

Rubber Sandals Cross Belt

Some designs of Prada in 2008. Still bad, but not as badly wired rubber sandals cross belt along with the dirt off the front and back decoration is really a failure of Miuccia’s creativity.

Tangled Wires Style Sandal

Catwalk men spring – summer 2011 flooding and tangled wires style sandal design is an example of Texas. Of course, nobody wants a pair of sandals “cast” hot like this in the leg.

Catwalk Lego Shoes

In 2007, the designer Nicolas Ghesquiere brought catwalk Lego shoes with colorful patternss, in revenue collection – winter, based on the idea of fitting armor in favorite game of children.

Cambodian Couple Shoes

A Cambodian couple of Kobi Levi launched in 2000. Singer Lady Gaga has sported this outrageous music video Born This Way.

Draped in Leather Boots

Draped in leather boots collection spring-summer 2009 by designer Rick Owens is like a garbage bag.

Gay Shoes

The shoes with the heels in front of gay designers Marc Jacobs (Spring-Summer 2008).

Pockets Boots

“pockets” Boots of Ahmet Baytar (Autumn-Winter 2010).

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