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This makeup season will be the perfect addition to enhance your image, which is why this time, we are going to provide some very important tips.

70's Style makeup looks with the red lips

A recommendation to keep in mind is that we must look at certain factors such as face shape, skin color, eyes, hair type and the type of hair you have.   Wrap the base chosen with a sponge that is suitable for makeup, places the product on it to apply it on the face.   Remember that the base has to be according to the color of your skin and fat-free, so your skin will thank you. There is a compact foundation for different skin types markets, which will help a lot?   When viewed from the front you can tell its circular shape. One advantage of this face is that it will always provide a youthful look. One of the tricks used to make up the oval or round face is to give light to certain areas of the face so that they stand out.   Learn makeup is very important because it will give life, freshness to your skin in addition to correct some imperfections. Apply the foundation evenly all over your face, neck and decollete.   Here you have these beautiful makeup ideas which you can base to choose the right makeup for your face type. Enjoy them.

Tips For Looking Younger With A Makeup

  Stress, pollution, poor diet …, many factors attack and tire the skin. To restore radiance to your complexion and look younger thanks to makeup, follow our advice.

Good gestures for a youthful makeup

  Before going to the actual make-up stage, it is essential to healing your skin by restoring color and vitality. A few simple actions to perform each day will give a good punch to tired faces.   This fast and energetic massage brings back the colors on the cheeks, and tones the skin.   Once a week, we make a clay mask to purify, nourish and, of course, refresh the face.   The clay comes in different colors with different properties depending on the skin types.

Makeup tips to look younger

  The key to looking younger with makeup is to bet on the complexion. With a few brush strokes, we change a dull and dull skin into a resplendent skin. At first, we apply a base to unify the complexion, then we go to the foundation step.   This one must be of two colors: a light one and a dark one. Remember to melt then both colors.   Finally, to give a boost to the face, we do not forget to hide the dark circles! If there is one thing that gives an impression of big tiredness, it is these bluish pockets under the eyes. The ideal way to cover them is to use a warm and golden color corrector.   To optimize the makeup, a little touch of complexion enhancer on the lips or in the inner corner of the eyelids can work wonders.

A youth eye makeup

  Our eyes are undoubtedly the central element of our face; it is they who give it all its personality. A look too tired reduces the brightness of our face, so we must take care.   To relax the face, nothing like a beautiful eye makeup. We first choose a light and bright eye-shadow to fix the makeup and illuminate the eyes.   We draw the outline of the eye with a pencil in khaki tones. The green color is ideal to hide the redness.   We then apply an eyeshadow in the same tones as our pencil and we do not forget a layer of curving and volumizing mascara. The secret is an enlarged look for a more punchy face.