2023 hair coloring trends for autumn and winter. Discover our selection of hair coloring trends to fight against the monotony of winter!

For romantics, nothing beats a classic blonde hair color with the base color of light golden blond as L’Oréal Professional.

Result: Hair rendering is natural very subtle.

Want to spend the winter in the dark without fatal effects sallow complexion? Coloring hair brown cashmere Franck Provost is for you!

Result: Brown fused with sails alternating lighter and darker than the base color to brighten the hair.

Trend camel color golden brown color brings your hair gently into their winter hibernation.

The secret of the golden brown hair color from L’Oréal Professional? This is the “cooling” of a golden brown color by the iridescent.

Do you want to warm up your hair brown or dark brown for the winter?

Test the spotlight warm brown of Jean Louis David.

A technique of hairstyle that creates a zone of light on the front to deconstruct and emphasize the cut.

Result: a warm brown color with brown hair and eyes softened and illuminated.

This winter warm brown hair with subtle reflections as the color purple velvet Dessange.
Dark purple reflections give a result of ultra-glossy lustrous hair.

For between rock and androgynous look opt for hair with intense red color, as in Masato.
To change from dark brown without going through the box purple hair try the intense red color, which gives character to your hair.

The great hair color trend started last year the red cheek was quite natural that winter as red authentic Camille Albano.

No half measures with a red coloration that gives strength to your hair while softening the austerity of winter.

Fans page / She Look Book

Autumn invites you to try new trend hair colors like copper or satin brown

Dull, dry, tired – while we enjoy the summer to the fullest, sun, heat, chlorine and saltwater strain our hair extremely and let even the most beautiful colorations fade slowly.

Fall is, therefore, the perfect time for a fresh color update, which gives the hair a new shine and dynamism. We are already revealing the most important hair color trends of the new season – because even copper, satin brown, or shimmering strawberry blonde whip up the desire for the autumn makeover.


Red is one of the most important trend hair colors of the new season, but instead of dark burgundy undertones, we will choose shining copper nuances this fall. Blonde and light brown hair absorb the soft reds particularly well, with a dark natural base that may need previously bleached.


Classic bleaching uses hydrogen peroxide to remove the color from the natural color. The dandruff layer chemically disrupted, which puts a lot of strain on the hair and is often responsible for the strawy look of bleached hair. The stronger the contrast to the natural hair tone, the stronger the strain on the hair.

Therefore, best done by an expert. She also knows best whether a dark ash blond, warm golden blond, or hip platinum blond fits best to your own skin and hair type and can give appropriate care tips on the way.

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde is an enchanting alternative to the copper trend because this hair color is a mix of blond and soft shine accents in bright red.

Bright natural hair color is the optimal starting point for strawberry blond, experts matted the blonde mane then usually with so-called glossing in the corresponding bright red nuances. The best way to start is with a subtle red finish and then increase as needed slowly.

Toffee Ombré

A new interpretation of Ombré: This trending look for the new season melts dark browns or brunettes with autumnal caramel nuances. The gentle color gradient and the shimmering reflections in toffee give the classic basic hair colors an exciting new, dynamic twist.

Especially practical: Since the approach uses the personal natural hair color in brown or brunette, the new Ombrè look does not require constant re-dyeing.


Ombre Hair

Ombré Hair is one of the absolute trend hairstyles – and has been for several years. But no wonder, the look with a dark neck and bright tips is just for every woman and can be completely individual. Whether in natural or bright colors, with a strong or less strong contrast – the color gradient effect is particularly versatile.

In contrast, the balayage technique is not worked with individual highlights, but the hair is dyed from about chin height or deeper so that the hair tips are completely covered. This creates a stronger contrast.


Multidimensional hair colors with changing effects are in fashion. The basic hair color is highlighted with highlights, baby lights, or lowlights. With light strands, the hair looks a few shades lighter and they are a welcome alternative for all women who do not want to strain their hair with a complete coloration too much.

The highlights are set either only in the top hair or in the entire hair. For a subtle and natural look, highlights should only be three to four shades lighter than the basic hair color.

Highlights are ideal to give the natural hair color a kick of freshness and to conjure reflexes in the hair, which make it look particularly shiny. In addition, thin hair can look visually fuller through highlights.

For a natural result, you should be careful to choose the highlights in nuance that are a maximum of two to three shades lighter or darker than the natural hair color. If you want a more contrasty look, you can put on particularly light or dark strands. Highlights in several color gradations look particularly sophisticated and natural!

Baby Lights

For this purpose, especially the strands that play around the face right and left, lighter colored. Individual, few highlights in the rest of the hair, make the “sun-kissed” look complete.


Lowlights are a popular medium, to conjure optically more abundance in the hair. These are darker highlights that provide a shading effect. With Lowlights the hair is given optical depth, and the darker strands are particularly good in combination with highlights.

The darker tone of the lowlights is usually an enhancement of the natural hair color and is only about two to three shades darker than the original color. This achieves a particularly natural result.

Colorful strands

Purple, blue or pink: At the latest when Alexander Wang appeared on her Spring / Summer ’18 runway show Hair Models in a stunning “Rosé Quartz”, colorful strands have become trend hairstyles.

In the case of a hairdresser’s coloring, the strands of hair are first bleached to then bring the desired color into the hair. But at home, too, there are now numerous applications such as hair combs or powders that can easily be washed out again.

Tip: “Kevin Murphy’s ‘Color Bug‘ is an uncomplicated, temporary solution that works on both light and dark hair.

Hair coloring with hair crayon

Whether it’s an ombré look or dip-dye tips: With hair combs, you can create a variety of looks yourself – and simply wash them out again. But do not worry that the hair color says goodbye in the rain. The new chalks are designed to be washed off only in combination with shampoo.

They are suitable for both darker and light hair. With dark hair, you can increase the intensity with an additional white layer underneath the color. After the application, the color is fixed with a straightener, curling iron, or hair spray.

Herbal Hair Color

Natural cosmetics are booming and plant hair color is becoming increasingly popular. They can be an alternative to chemical hair dyes, which are often suspected of containing harmful or allergenic ingredients

They are a blessing, especially for women with sensitive scalps.

In some cases, herbal hair colors are also more compatible and you should study exactly the ingredients. For certified natural products, however, the trend is always correct, as a product test by Öko-Test recently revealed. (The test winners included the plant hair colors of Khadi)

Bright Beige-Blonde

Beige has already declared a new trend nuance for blondes in spring and is now accompanying us through autumn.

The look: a matte and powdery blond that combines both cool and warm tones, thus flattering every skin tone. New are especially light beige nuances that emanate from icy platinum or ash blonde and are muted with warm tones to create the perfect pastel and soft finish.

Satin Brown

Braun is also in the fall/winter of 2023 high in price and now gets a shiny satin finish. Warm undertones are taboo for this Kardashian-inspired hair color; the chocolate nuances must be cool, clear, and super glossy.

At least once a month, this requires treatment from a professional as well as special care for the home. The effort is worthwhile because satin brown looks extremely noble and high quality.

Of course, we already want to know which trend hairstyles are particularly popular in 2023, which hair colors will definitely be a trend, and which haircut will be on show everywhere in 2023. That’s why we asked the KMS brand ambassador and hair expert Robert Mrozek for trend insights and, of course, got them.

Which hair trends and trendy hairstyles will be the focus at the end of 2023?

Robert Mrozek: The trend looks for the upcoming season and is particularly influenced by street-style urban hotspots like Berlin. Here, the focus is on personalized looks that complement the holistic style of the wearer.

For the fall/winter season, we are experiencing the comeback of the Vokuhilas in a less extreme, everyday version. At the same time, feminine styles are also a big topic: thanks to its cheeky yet elegant effect, the French Cut with its soft gradations, a lot of volumes, and a longer pony enjoys great popularity.

Which hair colors remain and what new trend hair colors can we look forward to in 2023?

Robert Mrozek: In the hair color area, the trend is heading in a bolder, more experimental direction. Semi-permanent colors such as color sprays are becoming increasingly popular here, giving a variety of color accents from natural nuances to more striking colors without altering the natural hair.

Strongly established and therefore also in the coming seasons far ahead is the Balayage technology. While typical highlights are now a thing of the past, balayage looks with darker lugs and smooth curves in length are the trend.

Balayage Technique

The natural hair color is so very soft and it creates a natural look as kissed by the sun.

Balayage advantages over traditional dyeing methods:

The approach remains largely untreated…

the color is applied in length and especially in the tips.

the hair can be created as desired and it does not have to be constantly re-dyed.

Even more advantages and why Balayage is so popular: Everything about Balayage!

Hairstyles 2023: These haircuts we wear in autumn

Is there a haircut in Fall / Winter 2023 that stands for any face shape?

Robert Mrozek: With the Longbob, every face has a beautiful setting.

Ultimate Hair Care Tips for the 2023 Hairstyles

As far as hair styling is concerned, is there a trend for the new season? And how is it used?
In styling, the classic hot tools such as straighteners and curling irons.

We focus on working products, that emphasize natural hair texture.

Texturing styling aids like Sea Salt Spray give a rough texture that can be worked great. For the perfect look, just put a few sprays into damp hair and blow-dry with the classic diffuser.

We only use one other essential tool: our hands! Less is definitely more this season. If your hair is going to be high-heeled, light, refined imperfect up-stylings like a casual bun are the right choice.

The hair care tip of the expert for the cold season:

Robert Mrozek: In the winter, hair dries out incredibly quickly due to the cold and heating air. The intensive moisturizing care solution lies. such as leave-in serums and moisturizing creams, which can be worked to their lengths.

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