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When Is Fall Winter Fashion Week

The designers parading during the fall winter fashion week is not afraid of anything! The proof, with our special feature that has the worst but also the best of fall winter fashion week of street style through the catwalks, here are all the clichés and another deciphering we did during the fashion week!

The fall winter fashion week to follow but do not resemble absolutely.

Indeed, every year in the month of February they attended the fashion shows that present new trends of the following winter. And the least we can say is that every year has its share surprises at 4 corners of the globe, or rather in the 4 global fashion capitals: - New York - London - Milan - Paris, there is an effervescence in full swing during almost four weeks of shows. When Is Fall Winter Fashion Week In the first street where we observe the street-styles most extravagant! Then on the catwalks of the biggest fashion designers of the moment when we also find trends that will dictate our fashion tomorrow. And for the fall winter fashion week, the trend, there is! Must return to the front of the stage or rather podiums with: Colour Side: Dark, forcing season at all black Programme, dark blue and occasionally electric colors to take centrepiece autumn-winter… As for Accessories: Boots, again and again, truly essential in winter. Hand clothes: Obviously pieces so hot! Coats that hold hot, scarves, caps even occasionally, short jumpers beautiful pieces that fight against the cold while remaining totally stylish! And in addition to these classics, is easily identified many new trends which will inevitably be decrypted in your favorite magazines. Here for you, the best of fall winter fashion week with our favorite heart fashion, our favorite street-style and worst of fashion in this special feature!

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