How to Choose Makeup Tones With Colored Hair And Right Foundation


How to choose makeup tones with right foundation in different hair color. The following suggestions will help you choose the right makeup for your hair color last. Not all makeup palettes are with your hair color and certainly more difficult to change hair color makeup is discolored.

Black Hair + Makeup Tones

Kim Kardashian Sexy Smoky Eyes And Black HairAccording to experts Stern, smoky eye makeup style would stand out on the black hair. So, why not experiment with darker colored eyes like smoke? Stern also revealed Professionals; amber is one of the best colors for the dark-haired woman.

Note that you should try to stay away from the dark lipstick, to avoid a “vampire”. Kim Kardashian Make education bare lips she brings the perfect balance to sexy smoky eyes, fascinated. And black hair can make you look a little haggard, so please try to make more use block instead of cream bronzer for all background color.

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Light Brown Hair + Makeup Tones

Light Brown HairThis is the hair color can make skin look pale, so chalk pastel or any other light color will make you look less and less promotion and lifeless.

You should use the color blush the and lipstick to make the bass more prominent face-up. Is the best lipstick pink brown, pink velvet, pink and brown bluish red? Gam neutral tones of brown and coffee will be suitable for the more intense eyes, soft and hot.

Brown Hair and Downs + Makeup Tones

Brown Hair and Downs, purple eyeshadow colorHair color usually dark deep brown, like the coffee color and it is also easy to mix hair color makeup mostly because the possible case with almost every color, every dark tone. Especially purple eyeshadow color is best for girls with this hair color.

You can learn Catherine Zeta-Jones, as the eyes and eyelids purple canopy over who blur brown pencil along the eyelid, then brown to carmine perfect addition to your own hair color. “Hair Color deep brown face feels the hug, so ideal when combined with bold makeup colors,” explains expert Petra Strand.

Medium Brown Hair + Makeup Tones

Medium Brown HairThe caramel tones like brown or chestnut almost can coordinate with any type of makeup. Because these colors are not too dark, not too light, so they bring a wide choice of colors from neutrals to bold colors, such as pink glossy coral pink color and fresh berries.

You guys on the right eye but not too long drawing with blue eyeliner and use the colors gray or beige powder. Add the fresh skin by applying some blush pink or tawny along the cheekbones. Apply a bit of dark berry lip color countries to respect the hair color and make lips hotter.

Deep Red Hair + Makeup Tones

Deep Red Hair ColorIf your hair dyed cherry red, wine red or deep red color, do not be afraid to try the makeup as opposed to hair color. Things do not always need to harmonize, where concrete.

You can combine several metallic colors together, the color of champagne, bronze, and green color palette to create your own makeup. Do not believe the rumor that redheads are not used pink. Actually, pink is a great way to flatter your hair color.

The Average Speed + Makeup Tones

Christina Hendrick's red hair color is average in redChristina Hendrick’s red hair color is average in red. With this hair color, cheeks pink velvet with bright eyeshadow tones will be the perfect combination. You apply a little cream blush on top of cheekbones and bright carmine red wet to warm up to her face.

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Bright Red Hair + Makeup Tones

Bright Red Hair With Bright MakeupStrawberry blonde hair color of Amy Adams is one of the brightest tones of red. The safest option is to use your color scheme throughout, gently.

You use light colors such as honey and peach mahogany to add color and warmth to spread up the little brown mascara. For lips, use lip gloss light finished appearance to the overall delicate face.

The Blonde + Makeup Tones

Whether you choose a stained concrete blonde, you will want to make up with a softer pastel color palette. You stay away from the dark lipstick, blush and eyeshadow and black eyeliner. Instead, you should choose an eyeshadow color ash, pale pink and brown eyeliner and dark brown mascara.
The Blonde hair color and makeup colors

For lips, the color tones such as peach average pink and red velvet are the best. Blush pink and peach are consistent with her blond hair. We will bring you looks cute, sweet and youthful.

While coordinating your hair color and makeup colors, do not forget to take care of your eyebrows. If only the same colored original hair color, you can use talcum powder or brown pencil to convert your eyebrow color. If you must dye into a completely different color, you can consider professional eyebrow dye to match the new hair color.

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