Blue Eyes Makeup Tutorial with Rose-Colored Lipstick for Your Eyes


Blue eyes makeup at certain times, movie stars and television industry come to light, causing a stroke on the eyelids blue, be it eyeliner or shadow and passion around the blue makeup erupted with renewed vigor. Such a light line will fit almost every girl and looks especially good in the summer, when the sky is reflected in her eyes.

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This advice can benefit by thinking makeup for green eyes and brown. On those occasions when we are talking about how to create a beautiful makeup for blue eyes, stands to speak in more detail.

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Different shades of blue are very common, so the owners of a gray-blue eyes, no less than the brown-green. By choosing the shade based on the makeup for blue eyes, you need to focus on those that will emphasize and highlight the natural color of the eye and not to merge with it. This combination looks unnatural. Also not suitable for blue eyes and brown shadow eyeliner, which gives the view soreness and swelling.

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If you are creating makeup for blue-gray eyes, you can use the golden shadows. In the case where the light skin, suitable color shade silver. Universal may be called blue, teal or purple shade. Particularly impressive highlights the depth of her dark-blue tint.

Blue Eyes Makeup-

Blue make-up does not necessarily have to include a blue shade. They can be combined with black, green, beige hues. Not recommended, creating makeup for blue-gray eyes, take the gray shadows, they look too colorless. This applies to the shades of shadows were selected to make up for gray eyes.

Blue Eyes Makeup

Mascara completes the created image. If the emphasis is on the beauty of the eyes, so it is better to choose lipstick soft tones, you can stop at the natural splendor.

In daytime make-up can be identified lips brighter tone, avoiding sharp contrasts for example a bright blue or violet eyes, combined with rose-colored lipstick will give appearance of Malvina of the famous fairy tale. Therefore, the principle of compatibility and complementarily of colors rather than their competition with each other in the fundamental make-up.

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