How To Choose Makeup For Brown Eyes Tutorial


How to choose makeup for brown eyes with the right colors textures good makeup things are not always obvious. For makeup brown eyes are somehow privileged. Indeed their big chance to be able to afford almost any color side. Ideal to discover the palette makeup brown eyes make a small overview of shades to adopt or avoid.

How To Choose Makeup For Brown Eyes

How To Choose Makeup For Brown Eyes And Fair Skin

Makeup brown eyes and awaken to intensify eye color. Eva Longoria, Anne Hathaway or Penelope Cruz has understood they rely especially on their makeup for brown eyes smoldering gaze!

To highlight your brown eyes your makeup should be supported so as not to give a look too bland for brown eyes: eye shadow pink mauve or hot soften the look.

To enhance brown eyes opt for warm colors brown, chocolate … Choose colors also supported as shade of dark gray, ivory, pearl, iridescent beige, dark plum and of course black.

For blue, choose only the darker shades like navy or electric blue so that awakens the look. To one side more glamorous and chic highlight your eyes with metallic colors, gold, bronze, copper, silver etc.., Rather than with makeup mats. You can also remove some of the traditional makeup brown eyes and take in the colors dark green or orange.

To Make Brown Eyes Hazel Instead

You pretty hazel eyes? To avoid the white color of the eyes but rather to give them a deep look makeup them with brown eye shadow whatever their color from light brown to dark brown.

Greens you also go very well only if you avoid too bright colors. In green, khaki chooses eg. If instead you’d rather give you a discreet makeup brighten your look with a simple black line and a touch of mascara. A simple makeup that highlights your eyes clear.

Give Strength To Your Look!

mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, pencils, kohl, you have everything to make you an intense look for mascara, to avoid further harden your eyes apply mainly on the base of the eyelashes. Needless to say the lengths that could reverse the desired effect.

The color can be black mascara for a mysterious and suit all. You can also choose from blue to brighten your look. If you have a skin and hair rather clear, brown will be ideal.

If you want to use as the eyeliner the line should be fine and the lash. The eyeliner can be the color of your choice as your eyes will allow many possibilities. Eyeliners dark brown accentuate your eyes while lighter will further highlight your eyes more than your makeup itself.

Makeup for Brown Eyes, Colors To Avoid

If you have dark eyes, avoid applying eye shadow very clear to avoid giving a result a little too pale and dull. These colors tend to brighten your look and give one side a little sad and hard time.

The bright colors in general or too light will not brown eyes. Be careful with colors you choose. If green can be pretty on brown eyes it should not be either too light. Shades too light will effect the yellow whites of your eyes which is not ideal to put her eyes in value …

Blue is often banned makeup for brown eyes contrast with the color of your eyes is too important. Use as for green that is to say only with a darker shade.

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