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Celebrity hairstyles are not as difficult as you think you are. In fact, with a little effort and imagination on your part you can have these hairstyles from cool confines of your home. If it is the latest style of Jennifer Aniston you are looking for or hairstyle Paris Hilton to be copied, you can create and that too without a personal stylist.

In fact you can duplicate most hair using a straightening iron quality. Using a little imagination is perhaps the secret of a good cast. The good old hit and trial method would work in the case of hairstyles too. Constantly you should try different styles. Even a seemingly small alteration such as parting your hair from left to right can have a dramatic effect on how you see it.

The shape of your face will dictate your hairstyle to a very large extent. For instance those with heart shaped faces always look good with chin length hair or any style for that long. In fact most of the Celebrity hairstyles look good since a lot of thought has gone behind them. The personal stylists of celebrities try different styles based on the facial features of these celebrities before arriving at a special hairstyle. Jennifer Lopez or Brad Pitt, or for that matter any celebrity, they look good in their respective hairstyles because the particular style suits your face.

The trend is towards more loosened hairstyles. Many hairstyles are based on this trend nowadays. With the right cut, almost anyone can look as beautiful as a celebrity. The best way would be to have a particular celebrity whose face resembles the shape of your face, as a role model. This way you can try the hairstyles of that particular celebrity. Another alternative way is to visit any of the websites online virtual hairstyle. You can upload your photo on these sites and try different hairstyles on your picture. This will give you a good idea of what particular hairstyle suits you more or not.

Short haircuts also seem to have made a comeback among celebrities these days. Mandy Moore to Charlize Theron, everyone seems to be sporting short hairstyles these days. Mid - length hairstyles Cameron Diaz and Jessica Simpson are also so popular today. With so many options available hairstyle, all you have to do is find one that suits the shape of your face and go for it.