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Christmas 2018 becoming for the happiest smile, Christmas is the favorite holiday 2019 of the French since the Second World War.

This unique moment in which we find traces of a multitude of traditions is celebrated beyond religious faith need not be a believer in decorating the tree giving gifts and prepare Eve dinner. Nadine Cretin author of “History of Santa Claus” published by The Pérégrinateur tells us the origins and customs of Christmas. Untitled 12 The origins of Christmas are both Christian and pagan says Nadine Cretin historian specialist holidays. A pagan festival has existed in the northern hemisphere during the winter solstice (when the nights are very long and very short days). People were returning branches in houses, multiplied lights and meals. Other customs gave rise to Christmas, the Saturnalia in Rome, the worship of the god Mitra and the Christian custom has been established at that date from the fourth century. The date of birth of Jesus has been declared by the Church to “cover old tradition." The history of Santa Claus is quite complex but the representation that we know dates from the nineteenth century. The Secretariat of Santa was created in 1962 after two recipients have been known in the 1950s frustration of not being able to deliver mail for the Santa and have decided to open the mail, Magdeleine Homo meet personally, alone and in hiding for 12 years, hundreds of letters to the children of his village. Homo Magdalene may well be considered the first “Secretary of Santa Claus“ before the pediatrician and psychoanalyst Dolto. History of Santa Claus, Nadine Cretin published by The Pérégrinateur