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Christmas gift ideas

Find gifts for Christmas – without stress!

Christmas presents must not be missed under any Christmas tree. But every year, Christmas is coming sooner than you think, and the Christmas gifts stress begins. With us, you can sit back and relax. Whether small gifts for your advent calendar or special Christmas gifts – we have already found the perfect gifts for you.

In addition to the small gifts for December 24, we also have many, great ideas for filling Christmas calendars and many small Christmas gifts for employees and customers!  The annual festival of love is not only the time of contemplation but also of creativity in its very special expression. If you follow the idea a bit further, you soon realize that Christmas is actually a real challenge.

Every year you are back in front of the same questionnaire. Where will Christmas Eve be spent this year? Where do we put the tree? What do I offer in the culinary field? Who takes grandma?

Christmas gift ideas, you are special as wonderful holiday gifts. Therefore, it is important to be original and thoughtful when shopping for them. Despite what most people think, this is not always the price that counts, it’s the thought that counts.

Get a gift that someone could really do love their gifts even more special Christmas. This Christmas, lavish avoid clichés and your loved ones with a holiday gift they will treasure forever.Original Ideas To Celebrate Christmas Differently

You do not have to rob a bank for brilliant gifts for your loved ones, some thoughtful thing, nice and utilitarian would work just fine. This comprehensive guide to the Christmas gift ideas 2018 tells you what to choose and skip this Christmas season. Read on for more details.

Christmas gift ideas for co-workers, colleagues, friends & family

Just in time for the first Advent is striking: oh-oh, Christmas is coming! Actually, we all want to avoid the Christmas consumption mania!

On the other hand, it is also nice to please colleagues, employees, friends or the family with small Christmas presents and attention. But with what? Sometimes you need some ideas and suggestions as to what might be right: maybe a book, something for the kitchen, the office or the Christmas tree? We rummaged once again and collected Christmas gift ideas for you!

Of course, besides material things, you can also give something else. For example, a donkey or a chicken – but of course not in the literal sense, but as a donation to Oxfam and needy people! That’s always a good idea! Or how about giving some time away? Of course, not idle, but spent time together! A trip together, an invitation to eat or cook together – whatever you like!

Or maybe something of both? A small present, which is presented at the common coffee gossip? Whatever you decide, we wish you a Merry Christmas with your loved one!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Advent has just begun and suddenly Christmas is upon us?

Quite surprising and yet every year on time for the 24th of December. Too nice was the Advent season with the visit of Christmas markets, cookies, mulled wine and Co. Too bad the time to spend them in overheated, overcrowded department stores. But now it comes to us: Christmas gift ideas must come – but quickly. After all, nobody wants to stand empty-handed on Christmas Eve.

The Best Christmas Gift Ideas

No matter if man or woman – everyone is looking forward to these Christmas gift ideas:

Most of the recipient has already somehow everything. Why not the most precious thing at all – spend time together. The joint visit of a concert, a play or a vernissage connects and shows the other that you really thought about him. Further great Christmas gift ideas for experiences can be found for example at Christmas category.

Christmas Tree Decorations

If there is not the time for each other, then it’s time for the recipient himself: How about a spa voucher for a hot stone massage, a visit to the beautician or a manicure? You do not necessarily indulge yourself but the recipient is happy for all the more so.

If the budget is a bit bigger, a weekend for two would be a great Christmas gift idea: A weekend in the snow, horse-drawn carriage rides, ice skating, eating raclette in a hut and then slipping back to the hotel and falling into bliss.

A day at the Day-SPA is also one of the Christmas gift ideas for which you do not have to jet through the city. A call is enough and the voucher flutters into the house – or you order it over the Internet. Check with the wellness hotels or swimming pools in your area. Most of these offer cheap day passes for their SPA area.

What is the recipient saying? Maybe you can make him or her happy with a magazine subscription . By the way, you can often get a nice bonus. A second gift for someone else? So you would have killed two birds with one stone. If you do not have the subscription – a voucher for a bookshop or a self-selected book with dedication is always in vogue.

If you are desperate and looking for last minute Christmas gift ideas, a visit to the gas station can also make you happy. Here are coupons from many companies (Ikea, Otto, Amazon, iTunes, etc.) – why not? Still better than giving money. Wrapped in a nice and witty way, the recipient is sure to be happy if he has a surprise left after Christmas with which he can enjoy himself.

If you want to do magic yourself – how about it: finished in 20 minutes – lasts up to 4 weeks – but is probably plastered until New Year’s Eve: salt-honey-nuts . Mix 20 g of butter and 2 tablespoons of honey in a pan. When everything has melted, add 1 tablespoon sea salt and a little cayenne pepper.

Finally, about 300 g of nuts (cashew, macademias, peeled almonds) are added. Add the nuts to the pre-heated oven for 8-10 minutes at 160 degrees C (180 degrees top / bottom heat) until golden brown.

Then leave to cool and toss in a bowl in 1 teaspoon oriental spice mixture (eg Raz el Hanout). Nicely packaged so you have a surprise that is one of the more personalized Christmas gift ideas, and guaranteed not dusty.

Cooking is very much in trend. Hardly a day without several cooking shows on TV. Swing but even the wooden spoon and invite you to a candle-light dinner . If not – then perhaps in the common favorite restaurant. Or the recipient likes to cook: why not give a great new cookbook or a cooking class with a famous star chef? The hit would also be tickets for the favorite cooking show. It is best to drive there together and be inspired.

If the Christmas gift ideas for the recipient start to go out and you have about a week left, why not make a (small) photo album of both of you ? On the computer, this is usually put together faster than expected and in about a week at your home. You do not have to leave the house for that.

If none of this is good for you: Just get a bottle of the best champagne you can get and drink it with the recipient. A nice party will be guaranteed to happen together.

Here You Christmas Gift Ideas for Christmas

Electronic Gadgets

Christmas gift ideas indulging on gadgets and gizmos, it’s like a guilty pleasure of every man. Even women are no less when it comes to playing with their favorite tech toy.

Although a bit pricey donated a gadget would be the best way to impress someone this Christmas.

Gifts that Pamper

Of course, any day is a great day to take care of your loved ones. But then, events like Christmas ideal excuse to spoil stupid people with wonderful gifts.

Freak gift for fitness vacation is time to let go of rules and binge on goodies. Result – around enlarged size, love handles, muffin tops and belly pudge. Choose your cues from the above list and get donations.

Christmas Gift Ideas 

Of course, Christmas is above all a time of contemplation and cozy evenings with friends and family. But Christmas traditions such as visiting Christmas markets or mutual gifts are also integral parts of Christmas.

Especially giving and giving presents is the focus of many, so that each year you think again about how to put a smile on your loved one’s face.

To make it easier for you to find suitable Christmas gifts, we have carefully compiled Christmas gift ideas for all ages, as well as for every taste. From flowery gift ideas such as Amaryllis in wax over cute, Christmas deco ideas to animal short stories, we offer a wide selection of great Christmas gifts.

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